Published 0.0.1 as a snap

Written for virt-machine-type by Christian Ehrhardt  on 2017-02-17

Thanks to snaps I can provide is in a secure way that is immediately available to most of you. Therefore easy to install with:
  $ snap install virt-machine-type --edge

The snap auto-connects against the interfaces
- home (files in ~/)
- network (for remote or local tcp URIs)

You likely want to work against a local libvirt
instance via the default socket (the usual default)
you have to connect that interface.
  $ snap connect virt-machine-type:libvirt :libvirt

Use case Examples:
  # Get current type of guest "Fifaarz"
  $ virt-machine-type --get Fifaarz
  # Hmm, that is old what is the default here
  $ virt-machine-type --default
  # ok, lets auto update to the newest default
  $ virt-machine-type --upgrade Fifaarz
  # running --verbose give some extra insight
  # debug is really only meant for debugging

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