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It is a client/server application which enables MPEG-TS streaming from a physical to a virtual DVB card using a network connection. A virtual DVB card kernel module called DVBLoop is used to emulate the card. Since it is using a virtual DVB card all available Linux DVB applications can be used (Kaffeine, MythTv,..).

With this application the following scenarios are possible:
 * Stream from your Linux box (with physical DVB card) to your Linux box (without DVB card).
 * Stream from your Windows box (with physical DVB card) to your Linux box (without DVB card).
 * Use DVB and Linux inside a Virtual Machine on a Windows or Linux host machine.

This project is build around the DVBLoop virtual DVB adapter module for Linux written by Christian Praehauser ( But currently it uses the extended module from BayCom repository written by Deti Fliegl (

The DVBLoop module emulates a virtual DVB card, every event is passed through the virtual DVB adapter to the dvbloop device. All events are read and evaluated by the VirtualDVB client. After processing the events, the client instruments the server to stream the MPEG-TS to the client host. A small util called tsst (TS Streaming Tool) is used for this job.

It supports the following back-end applications:
 * Video LAN Client (VLC), only Linux support currently (version 0.9 should have DVB (BDA) support for Windows too).
 * DVPiper, Windows only (

* * * * For a more detailed description see the Wiki! * * * *

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