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Virtualbricks 1.0.2 finally released

Written for Virtualbricks by Francesco Apollonio on 2015-11-09

The new version with a lot of bug fixes has been released.

Download it from the link[1], or download the source code using this branch[2].

The new package for the supported Linux distros will be inserted soon.


Updated on 2015-11-09.

Virtualbricks 1.0.1 released

Written for Virtualbricks by Marco Giusti on 2014-09-14

This a bug fix release of the 1.x serie.

Virtualbricks 1.0 released

Written for Virtualbricks by Marco Giusti on 2014-06-17

Here you can retrieve the latest stable code: lp:virtualbrick/1.x
and here the latest cutting edge code: lp:virtualbrick

NOTE: configuration files of version of vb < 1.0 are not compatible with this version. we are working to a conversion tool that will be released asap.

Updated on 2014-07-06.

Support for PCI hotswappable ethernet devices

Written for Virtualbricks by Daniele Lacamera on 2011-07-18

Latest development version (r312) now supports Qemu/kvm ethernet to be added/removed while the system is running. Gust machine must have pci hostswap support for this to work.

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