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A tool for 3D data visualization and exploration. Currently the project is in a development and prototyping phase.

IMPORTANT -- this project will probably be abandoned and some features / ideas will (maybe) be merged with another graph visualiser, on which I may work this summer. But I still keep the project page here for the blueprint and the code.


The goal of this project is to provide a visualization framework for students or developers facing to real life problems : complex, dirty and incomplete data (eg. network stats, search engine presence graphs, social network graphs..)
It will provide multiple basic but multidimensional representations as "programmed scenes", corresponding to typical use case (eg. for software managers, a GUI allowing to visualize merged graphs of software and hardware dependencies etc..).
Simplicity is really the one thing that leads this project : it should be really simple to use (no manual, intuitive) and hack.

Main design idea : no graph, no algorithm, use a network of smart operators for the real data conversion. (a bit) like MVC.

The prototype is currently made using Python, PyQt4 , and OpenGL through PyQGLViewer.
In the future it will be based on C++, Qt4, BGL (Boost Graph Library), a customized version of libQGLViewer, and Python, of course.

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