VM 8.1.92a

An incremental snapshot towards 8.2.0. Completes the implementation of headers-only operation and includes new bug fixes. The download files were updated on Jul 17, with a version number .925a, to include some important bug fixes.

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Release notes 

Second alpha release towards version 8.2.0. It completes the development of the headers-only operation for IMAP folders. Also contains some key updates for the Thunderbird folder handling.


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   * Headers-only mode for IMAP folders is now completed. It operates
     by fetching messages into the Folder buffers, leading to a
     more reliable operation. (However, there is an important
     outstanding bug. See the file README.headers-only.)

   * New command `vm-list-imap-folders' can be used to list the
     folders on an IMAP server.

   * In headers-only mode, a limited number of messages can be fetched
     on demand for message preview. New variable
     `vm-fetched-message-max' specifies this number. (Default is 10.)

   * New variable `vm-imap-default-account' allows IMAP-FCC copies to
     be routed there.

   * New variable `vm-imap-server-timeout' allows timeout during a wait
     for output from an IMAP server.

   * New variable `vm-imap-ensure-active-sessions' asks VM to ensure
     that an IMAP session is active before issuing commands.

8.1.x branch:

    * Virtual folder facility extended to work with POP and IMAP folders.

    * VM made safe for use with Gnu Emacs 23, by removing a few calls
      to the `next-line' function (which was redefined in this Emacs).

    * Several critical problems with Thunderbird inter-operability
      were corrected. Manual section on Thunderbird folders added.

    * Extended Org mode email links to work for virtual folders.


   ** The default values of `vm-pop-expunge-after-retrieving' and
      `vm-imap-expunge-after-retrieving' changed to nil to help new

    * `vm-fill-long-lines-in-reply' initialized to the default value
      of `fill-column'.

    * All MIME messages are now decoded in the Presentation buffer,
      unless they have US-ASCII as their charset. In particular,
      messages with 8bit charsets are treated this way. Such messages
      are not regarded "plain messages" any more.

1 blueprint and 13 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Headers only messages Headers only messages 5 Essential Uday Reddy  10 Deployment
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
927257 #927257 Dummy bug report in 8.1.92a 1 Undecided   3 Invalid
582497 #582497 IMAP: Message with attachment eats up following message 3 High Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
584346 #584346 error message when attempting to edit a message 3 High Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
588678 #588678 XEmacs asynchronous call error 3 High Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
525275 #525275 headers-only messages malfunction in virtual folders 4 Medium Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
580004 #580004 Strange IMAP session behaviour 4 Medium Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
588921 #588921 byte-compilation errors on trunk w/ XEmacs 4 Medium Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
539669 #539669 save-all-attachments clobbers threads 5 Low Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
586876 #586876 attachments don't open even after loading messages 5 Low Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
590039 #590039 Messages leaving behind garbage buffers 5 Low Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
179738 #179738 Repetitive code block in vm-do-reply? 6 Wishlist Ulrich Müller  10 Fix Released
548938 #548938 Improved IMAP-FCC 6 Wishlist Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
565424 #565424 IMAP mail buffer names 6 Wishlist Uday Reddy  10 Fix Released
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