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this is a re implimentation of the basic functionality that is found in processing (see but in vala and SDL.

Use at your own risk.

This project is to impliment the something that is like processing (a java library) in vala, but have the power of native code.

Due to that this is written in vala, it can output .gir files and .typelib files so it can be used in other lanuages, though that is beond the scope of this project as of yet.

What it basicly it is, is a wrapper around SDL, so it is nothing special.

all and anny branches are wellcome. Do not like where the project is going? fork it.

The project has not been tested, so bugs may uccur.

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Gustav Hartvigsson
Team vProcessing

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  • Added a Team on 2012-04-09
    I added a team, so that people easyerly can help on the project..