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Vulpes is an access management system for gateways and proxies, licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

Whether you have a home network, business, internet service provider (ISP), internet café or a simple shared internet connection, Vulpes can be useful for you if you want to control bandwidth and access on your network.

Vulpes allows you to set up plans for users, set bandwidth limitations per plan, and can print bills and automatically block users if their bills are overdue, all from your web browser.
It consists of an easy-to-use browser front-end developed in Adobe Flex and a server back-end written in PHP.

Though initially developed for small independant ISP's in Brazil, Vulpes has been adapted and used in many other locations and situations, from classrooms to company networks.

Vulpes depends on the Fox Library:

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Alwin Garside
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trunk series 

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PHP, MXML, ActionScript, SQL, Flex

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Latest version is 0.4alpha6
released on 2009-03-19

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