Wargus 2.2.6

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4 Joris Dauphin, 2 Pali
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download icon Wargus-2.2.6.exe (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit version 3,298
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon Wargus-2.2.6-x86_64.exe (md5, sig) Windows 64 bit version 2,244
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon wargus_2.2.6.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source 1,520
last downloaded 27 weeks ago
Total downloads: 7,062

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  * Game
   - Show error box if saving game/map failed
   - Added support for starting game with specified map from command line
   - Animate Gold Mine when workers mining
   - Handle errors when saving game failed
   - Fixed showing tips on startup
   - Fixed spells and upgrades
   - Reverted back Color Cycling support
   - Fixed DefinePlayerTypes - bug #736460
  * Wartool
   - Fixed all memory leaks and memory erros
   - Added support for converting videos to ogv format (using ffmpeg2theora)
   - Added support for converting music files to ogg format (using timidity and ffmpeg2theora)
   - Added support for ripping sound tracks from Audio CD (using cdda2wav or cdparanoia)
  * Makefile
   - Rewritted to CMake
  * Wargus
   - Rewritted to use Stratagus Game Launcher
  * Maemo Warextract
   - Rewritted to use Stratagus Maemo Extractor
  * Debian
   - Rewritted control files to debhelper 7
   - Fixed debconf for dpkg-reconfigure
   - Fixed lintian errors and warnings
  * Unix build.sh
   - Script was removed, all functionality moved into wartool
  * Windows NSIS Installer
   - Removed all converting processes code (moved into wartool)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
701797 #701797 CDDA2WAW failed to rip audio track on windows 3 High Pali  10 Fix Released
684961 #684961 Missiles not flying and missing spell buttons 4 Medium Joris Dauphin  10 Fix Released
850317 #850317 Problem extracting CD: Track #18 does not exist 4 Medium Pali  10 Fix Released
619006 #619006 there aren't cycles, and the icons don't change 1 Undecided Joris Dauphin  10 Fix Released
710293 #710293 there is a problem with the "missile-class-parabolic" 1 Undecided Joris Dauphin  10 Fix Released
736460 #736460 invalid tile number: 80 1 Undecided Joris Dauphin  10 Fix Released
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