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mitaka-rc-final (rcfinal) release from the mitaka series released 2016-04-05

File Description Downloads
download icon watcher-0.26.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) watcher-0.26.0.tar.gz 31
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
Total downloads: 31

mitaka-rc-1 (rc1) release from the mitaka series released 2016-03-22

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.25.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.25.0 18
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
Total downloads: 18

mitaka-3 (m3) release from the mitaka series released 2016-03-04

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.24.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.24.0 18
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
Total downloads: 18

mitaka-2 (m2) release from the mitaka series released 2016-01-25

Release information
Release notes:

- new optimization strategy based on inlet temperature
- add taskflow as a base implementation for the planner
- add devstack plugin to build a dev env with Watcher
- allows the creation of dynamic actions
- add Tempest with one complete scenario
- add translation base

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.23.2.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.23.2 25
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
Total downloads: 25

mitaka-1 (m1) release from the mitaka series released 2015-12-07

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.21.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher 0.21.0 21
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
Total downloads: 21

newton-rc-final (nrcfinal) release from the newton series released 2016-09-29

Release information
Release notes:

watcher Newton rc-final


19fdd15 Doc updates
8814c09 Fixed GMR configuration issue
eb4f46b Add constraint target to tox.ini and remove 1 dep
2f33dd1 Updated from global requirements
1a197ab Update .gitreview for stable/newton

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.31.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.31.0 20
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 20

newton-rc1 (nrc1) release from the newton series released 2016-09-16

Release information

Changes in python-watcher 0.29.0..0.30.0

af78718 Add rally-jobs folder to get rally support
fbd9411 Log CDM structure before+after executing strategy
72e6564 Fixed Tempest test due to notification issues
23092b6 Use memory mode for sqlite in db test
0b276fb Added tests on API hooks and related context
a684e70 When action plan is empty, its state is incorrect
2d8650f Use parameters instead of config for workload stabilization
dd924dd Add documentation for Scoring Module
74989fe Implemented GMR plugin to show CDM structures
3b673fe Fix incorrect strings and formatting
c1cbd9e Modify use of assertTrue(A in B)
add49f3 Fixed indentation
1f4a46e The default value of 'is_admin_project'

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.30.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.30.0 17
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 17

newton-3 (n3) release from the newton series released 2016-08-31

Release information
Release notes:

New Features

* Added a standard way to both declare and fetch configuration
  options so that whenever the administrator generates the Watcher
  configuration sample file, it contains the configuration options of
  the plugins that are currently available.

* Added a generic scoring engine module, which will standarize
  interactions with scoring engines through the common API. It is
  possible to use the scoring engine by different Strategies, which
  improve the code and data model re-use.

* Added an in-memory cache of the cluster model built up and kept
  fresh via notifications from services of interest in addition to
  periodic syncing logic.

* Added a way to add a new action without having to amend the source
  code of the default planner.

* Added a way to create periodic audi...


6e8dc52 Merge scoring base files
7cce4b9 Add release notes for Newton blueprints
deb5cb3 TrivialFix: Remove cfg import unused
720884c TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused
249cd11 Remove unused LOG
e4ba59e Update configuration section for notifications
f238167 Doc on how to add notification endpoints
77b7fae Notification and CDM partial update
103f541 Remove unreachable line
c617938 Added start/end date params on ceilometer queries
ecea228 Correct watcher reraising of exception
1fafcc5 Check unspecified parameters create audit
32c13d0 Fix loading of plugin configuration parameters
a1cb142 Add Scoring Module implementation
da67b24 Add unit tests for
6d41c23 Updated from global requirements
7b22834 Fixed flaky tempest test
e741728 Remove pot files
35201c8 Updated from global requirements
6be758b Added strategy ID + Action Plan syncing
9450a70 Fixes to get cluster data model
64f45ad Updated from global requirements
4e3593a Fix double self._goal definition
01164b0 Scheduler of decision_engine fix
9933955 Updated from global requirements
17d2d75 Clean imports in code
2e55f4e Modify libvirt_opts="-d -l" to libvirtd_opts="-d -l"
ea01031 Rename (pre/post)condition to (pre/post)_condition
6144551 Add unit tests for
1b2672a Updated from global requirements
31de0e3 Removed unused function in uniform airflow
8145906 Update the home-page info with the developer documentation
9d2d218 Updated from global requirements
31c3734 Refactored the compute model and its elements
cc2e805 Use more specific asserts
0a6841f Merged metrics_engine package into decision_engine
4f8591c Updated DE architecture doc + 'period' param
06c6c46 Added DE Background Scheduler w/ model sync jobs
b94677c Cluster data model collector plugin documentation
5a2a94f Loadable Cluster Data Model Collectors
61e581f Updated from global requirements
26d84e3 Add scoring engines to database and API layers
52ffc2c Implement goal_id, strategy_id and host_aggregate into Audit api
5dee934 use parameters to set the threshold
0769e53 Updated from global requirements
107bd0b Fixed Basic optim tempest test
926b790 Fix 2 occurrences of typo: "occured" --> "occurred"
7d704db Add hacking checks to watcher
5c08095 Update docs links to
b579a41 Remove discover from test-requirements
051810d Updated from global requirements
6730202 Fix typos and messages in strategies
fd7c41f Remove unused columns parameters in watcher/db/api
aef1eba test_context_hook_before_method failed
cd60336 Fix dict.keys() PY3 compatible
e7a1ba7 There are some spelling errors in the code.
1b0801a Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv
ff43753 Add installation from Debian packages section
21d1610 Update executor to eventlet

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.29.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.29.0 13
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 13

newton-2 (n2) release from the newton series released 2016-07-13

Release information

a68eb0d Update unitaty tests to verify strategy and goal name
517f1d0 Bad goal and strategy name for Airflow Optimization
76a61e2 Fix unittest in
dcf5207 Optimize local.conf.controller file to enable watche-dashboard
1de0008 Add continuously optimization
533a4c7 Add Desktop Service Store to .gitignore file
1d3891e Documentation for strategy parameters
f13d6dd Updated from global requirements
e7bbf1d Add new documentation section for Watcher policies rules
bc06a7d Add policies for API access control to watcher project.
1a1d9d0 Fix watcher doc build error
47ff9bb Fix field type to audit_type
ca5b849 Remove duplicate unittest
2272b51 Fix link error in base-setup.rst
f6b1b51 Fix failing Tempest tests
0b29a83 Enable strategy parameters
117079f Update Docs links to
d03e1d5 add dependency for 3rd-party plugins
b4c5e2b Make default Planner generic to handle new action
369428c Modify IRC weekly meeting time
2381a67 Uniform Airflow migration strategy implementation
da8b24f Updated from global requirements
37595e9 Centralize plugin loaders in watcher/applier
cb693e4 Add importing modules instead of classes
9918f59 Centralize plugin loaders in decision engine
07c7ba9 Add goal_name field in strategy
73cf5a9 Updated from global requirements
80abcd6 Use disabled/enabled to change service state
b3c2d3a Check if nova-service is already disabled
4fc3307 Add bandit in tox -e pep8
77c07a4 Added filter operators
7b403c0 Fix StrategyContext to use the strategy_id in the Audit Template
e8fc4a1 Use proper theme for release notes
921e531 Fix releasenotes generation
45801cf Documentation on goal and efficacy
442512c Added efficacy indicators to /action_plans
2b95a4c Added pre/post execution methods to strategies
84b12f8 Added EfficacyIndicator object
f665d83 Added efficacy specification to /goals
5e16e03 Add reno for release notes management
eab47bf Added EfficacyIndicator model in DB
2544327 Decoupled Goal from Strategy
2412df4 Fix broken link in doc
cb342b4 Added missing config section for autogeneration
1a4d5a3 Updated from global requirements
8b8d2f0 Added audit_template filter to /audits/detail
ca37358 Add fix for hardware.cpu.util meter in sd-strategy
5d66f66 Add fix for __init__() error
d9a2b88 Updated tempest test creds retrieval mechanism
164a802 Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone in tests
dbdf690 Remove direct access to dbapi

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.28.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.28.0 23
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 23

newton-1 (n1) release from the newton series released 2016-05-30

Release information
Release notes:

Newton-1 release

File Description Downloads
download icon python-watcher-0.27.0.tar.gz (md5) python-watcher-0.27.0 25
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 25

110 of 16 releases