WebBoard 0.2.2 "Asimov" released

Written for WebBoard by Olivier Le Thanh Duong on 2009-02-23

webboard is not dead yet. After two year of inactivity, we present you webboard 0.2.2 "Asimov".
Olivier Le Thanh Duong has become the new maintainer of this project with the permission of the original author Sebastian Heinlein. The project now fully use launchpad for development, don't hesitate to open bugs here or contribute by sending translations.

This release contain unpublished features from Sebastien such as a new UI using GtkSourceView and new features and bug fixs from me. It now use paste.debian.net as the new pastebin server and communicate via xml-rpc.

webboard 0.2.2 : https://launchpad.net/webboard/trunk/0.2.2
webboard homepage : https://launchpad.net/webboard
We hope you will enjoy this new release of webboard.

Updated on 2009-02-26.

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