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v1.3.2 released, now with preset configurations!

Written for WebContentControl by KIAaze on 2009-09-28

-Added preset configs! Hell it's about time! :D (Starcraft 2 beta release beaten!)
-reworked GUI so that ALL dansguardian files are available
-added experimental features ( scripts available from GUI)

As always, packages available as source tarballs in the standard download section or as .deb packages on the PPA (link below).

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v1.3.0 released: Launchpad translations added!

Written for WebContentControl by KIAaze on 2009-09-26

-Added all the translations from launchpad.
-Added a language chooser dialog in case you want to use another language than the one on the system. Just go to "Options->Language" to change it.
-Improved about dialog and listed the launchpad translators there. Thanks. :)

Packages are available through the PPA, but I also uploaded a source tarball on Launchpad.

The translation support has been tested successfully on a virtual machine with Ubuntu 9.04 in French.

To be able to use other languages, you will also have to install additional locales on your system!
In Ubuntu, this can be done through "System > Administration > Language Support".

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v1.2.6 released, PPA usable again! :D

Written for WebContentControl by KIAaze on 2009-04-07

-Fixed the upgrade process.
-Improved the purge process (/usr/share/webcontentcontrol gets completely removed if --purge is used)
-PPA is usable again. This also means that 64-bit and LPIA architectures are supported again. :)

You can get the binary packages here:

And the source tarball here:

Note: Because of some launchpad changes, the release is unfortunately named "ppa" instead of "1.2.6".
And I couldn't choose a codename. :'(

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v1.2.2 released

Written for WebContentControl by KIAaze on 2009-03-15

v1.2.2 released.
Hopefully, I'll fix the upgrade process soon so people can use PPA again. :)
It shouldn't take too long, but it still takes some time...

People interested in time/program control might also want to read this:

It might help until I manage to implement it fully in the GUI. ;)

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v1.2.1 released: Install/removal fixed

Written for WebContentControl by KIAaze on 2009-01-18

This release fixes bug #318301.
Installation + removal of the package have been tested before release this time.
If you still encounter problems, please report it.

I plan to make some changes to the install/upgrade/removal processes for the next release, so that PPA can be used again.
I'm not sure exactly how I will do it, so it would be nice if users could give me some feedback about it here:

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