GNU WebSocket4J v1.3

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GNU WebSocket4J
Marek Aaron Sapota
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download icon websocket4j-reference-manual-1.3.tar.gz (md5) v1.3 reference manual 2,239
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon websocket4j-javadoc-1.3.tar.gz (md5) v1.3 javadoc 1,238
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon websocket4j-1.3.tar.gz (md5) v1.3 source 2,437
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon websocket4j-1.3.jar (md5) v1.3 jar 2,765
last downloaded 9 days ago
Total downloads: 8,679

Release notes 

What is new in GNU WebSocket4J 1.3:

- WebSocket4J is now part of the GNU project (

- License changed from GNU LGPLv3+ to GNU GPLv2 (or later) with linking
  exception (same license that is used by GNU Classpath project).

- New build system. GNU WebSocket4J now uses GNU Autoconf and GNU Automake, and
  can be installed by standard './configure && make && make install'.
  Additionally it can be installed in platform specific way for RPM and DEB
  based distributions.

- Documentation includes GNU WebSocket Reference Manual along JavaDoc.

- Sent and received messages are forced to use UTF-8 encoding, so it should work
  properly on platforms that have different default string encoding.

- Fixed bug when client didn't want to accept server's perfectly fine
  Status-line (fixes several compatibility issues with other WebSocket


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