1.7.2 released

Written for wicd by David Paleino on 2012-04-11

WICD 1.7.2 has been released tonight.

This release was not really expected for now, but a security issue was found, and that pushed me to release what I had ready, instead of waiting for more bugfixes.

All the remaining fixes which were planned for 1.7.2 (and not already done) have been postponed to 1.7.3.

Here's the NEWS file:

    Major Changes:
    - Fix local privilege escalation when setting configuration properties
      through the daemon's DBus interface (CVE-2012-2095).
    - Support passing no driver to wpa_supplicant.

    Minor Changes:
    - Fixed installation instructions, with the new >= 1.7.1 commands.
    - Fixed typo preventing DHCP hostname from properly working.
    - Renamed wpa templates to clarify usage.
    - Fixed wicd-cli crash when switching wired network profiles.
    - Fallback to mode 'Master' if 'None' is detected when scanning wifi
    - Fixed bug when trying to start wicd multiple times.
    - Fixed wicd-curses crash when trying to select wired encryption type,
      thanks to Joe MacMahon.
    - Fixed wicd-curses crash with UTF-8 encryption types.
    - Fixed wicd-daemon crash when child_pid is undefined, thanks to
      David Cantrell.

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