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Experimental bundles new features, such as ioctl support for controlling network interfaces, to make Wicd faster. Also features an improved GTK GUI and a terminal client for controlling the daemon.

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David Paleino
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is not the focus of development.
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Milestones and releases

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Version Expected Released Summary
wicd 1.6.2 2009-07-05 2009-07-05 Stuff to do for 1.6.2 -- this should only be bug fixes, not new features.
wicd 1.6.1 2009-06-21 2009-06-21 Stuff to do before 1.6.1 is released.
wicd 1.6.0 2009-06-05 2009-06-05 Wicd 1.6.0 Major Changes: - Improved tray icon and GUI images (thanks to Mar...
wicd 1.6-alpha 2009-04-01 This is an inactive milestone First official packaging of 1.6 code, as a testing release.
14 of 4 results

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Latest version is 1.6.2
released on 2009-07-05

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