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download icon widelands-build19-src-gcc7.tar.bz2 (md5) Source package with fixes for GCC7 381
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build19-repack-mac64.dmg (md5) Mac OS X Binary (64 bit) 5,263
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build19-repack-win64.exe (md5) Windows Installer (64 bit) 44,684
last downloaded 3 days ago
download icon widelands-build19-repack-src.tar.bz2 (md5) Source package 165
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build19-mac64.dmg (md5) Mac OS X Binary (64 bit) 2,989
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build19-win64.exe (md5) Windows Installer (64 bit) 26,684
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build19-src.tar.bz2 (md5) Source package 16,029
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 96,195

Release notes 

The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Widelands Build 19. Widelands is a free, cross-platform strategy game in which players control the fate of a small tribe that can grow into a big empire, in a style of play that is unique in the open source world. Please visit our homepage at widelands.org to learn more.

Build 19 focuses on behind the scene cleanup, polish and modernization - for example we ported Widelands to the modern c++11 standard and removed old code that was a maintenance burden. These changes will facilitate feature development going forward, but they come at a price: Savegames from Build 18 and older do not load in this version of Widelands and we now require graphics hardware acceleration (OpenGL 2.1). We also recommend that you uninstall Build 18 before installing Build 19, because our file structure has changed a lot due to big changes to the engine.

Build 19 also comes with a bag of goodies. Some of the highlights are:

* Seafaring AI and other AI improvements
* Message filtering
* New in-game and in-editor help system
* Efficient graphics loading and rendering.
* New starting condition “Trading Outpost”
* New win condition “Artifacts”
* 4 Tutorials
* Improved Barbarians and Empire campaigns
* 3 new maps
* No separate worlds anymore. All terrains can now be used on all maps. Old maps stay compatible.
* No separate tribes anymore: Though in game the tribes still seem separate, they are in fact now the same tribe with different buildings and workers enabled. This allows for interesting concepts down the line like a mixed economy or trading.
* New animations, overlay images and icons
* New forested mountains terrains
* Many menu redesigns
* Improved support for non-Latin scripts and right-to-left languages
* Various small balance changes (for example more experience in mines, stronger barbarian soldiers)
* Behind the scenes: move to SDL 2, Build system refactoring, move to c++ 11, continuous integration, move to Transifex and merge bot. Also tons of cleanups to the code base.

As usual, there have been many more improvements to the usability and performance, as well as numerous game-play improvements and bug-fixes.

Widelands is currently fully translated into the following languages: Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Scottish Gaelic, Polish, Slovak, and Spanish. It is > 90% translated into Czech, Hungarian and Italian and > 70% into Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian. You can help with translations directly in your web browser: https://www.transifex.com/widelands/. Help for translating is available on https://wl.widelands.org/wiki/TranslatingWidelands/.

Widelands is distributed for Windows (64-bit) and Mac OS X >= 10.7 (Intel, 64-bit) and in source code. We no longer ship binary Linux packages because of the poor compatibility between Linux distributions. Instead, we try to make compiling for Linux users as easy as possible. Also, most distributions will pick up Build 19 into their repositories very quickly. Both binary and source packages are available from http://launchpad.net/widelands/build19/build-19

If you like what you see, please visit our homepage, widelands.org. You may also want to check the forums and our IRC channel, #widelands on Freenode, to arrange multiplayer games with other players.

We especially welcome every helping hand: help us find bugs, translate the game, add new scenarios or features! If you want to get even more involved in the further development of Widelands, you can subscribe to widelands-public@lists.sf.net on http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/widelands-public to keep up with development on a daily basis or meet us on the forum.


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* Animations, Icons and Overlays

  - New animations for Barbarians buildings: Wood Hardener, Farm, Fisher's Hut,
    Gamekeeper's Hut, Lumberjack's Hut, Quarry, Ranger's Hut, Taver, Inn,
    Big Inn, Warehouse, Scout.
  - New animations: Imperial Vintner, Blackroot Field.
  - New menu icons: All workers, Blackroot, Pitta Bread, Snack, Ration, Meal,
    Spidercloth, Options Menu, Warehouse stock policy, Messages window
  - New road textures to improve visibility on all terrains
  - Better coloring for workarea pics.
  - Fixed hotspot for Babarian Brewer walk animation.
  - Fixed bug #1453528: Buildings missing menu icons
  - Fixed bug #1408712: Waves are rolling in different speed /rolling angle is
  - Fixed bug #1407799: Fatal exception: Image not found:
  - Fixed bug #1324642: Playercolor mask has wrong size
  - Fixed bug #829984: Tweak the duck animation
  - Fixed bug #672248: Duplicated animations

* Sounds

  - Added sounds for Fox, Elk, Wolf, Stag, Boar, Smelting Works, Weapon
    Smithies, Ax workshop, Lime Kilns, Taverns, Breweries, Winery,
    Wood Hardener.
  - Replaced sound for Sheep and Mills.
  - Fixed bug #1592692: No production sounds on some maps
  - Fixed bug #1536053: Widelands without sound on win
  - Fixed bug #1500531: Random corrupted audio (loud garbled noise) when
                        ox breeder is working for Barbarian tribe.
  - Fixed bug #1304638: Wrong sound played

* Tutorials and Campaigns:

  - Split tutorial into "Basic Control" and "Warefare" and added encancements.
  - New "Seafaring" and "Economy" tutorials"
  - Redesigned Barbarian campaign to remove topcs that are covered by the
  - Fixed bug #1424950: Strange character relationships in the empire campaigns
  - Fixed bug #1349378: Get_soldiers doesn't return a table in Island Hopping
  - Fixed bug #1311244: Atlantean Mission Trigger fail
  - Fixed bug #1298411: No necessity to conquer all military buildings in the
                        third Barbarian Campaign
  - Fixed bug #1286576: Tutorial fails if player is in road building mode when
                        military building finishes
  - Fixed bug #1088222: Barbarians Campaign: small suggestions for improvement
  - Fixed bug #674839: Some issues of barbarian tutorial 3

* Maps

  - New maps: Archipelago Sea, Dolomites, Wide World
  - Removed maps: Dry Riverbed, Long long way, War of the Valleys
  - Overhauled maps: Comet Islands, Full Moon, Glacier Lake, Kings and Queens,
    Last Bastion, River Explorers, The Nile, Twin Lagoons, Volcanic Winter
  - Added "hint" to the json file created by wl_map_info for use on the website.

* Saveloading

  - Older savegames can no longer be loaded.
  - Older maps can be loaded, but new maps can't be loaded with previous
    versions of Widelands.
  - User maps are now saved in a 'My Maps' subdirectory to prevent overwriting
    of official maps
  - No longer write replay files for scenarios
  - Implemented rolling autosave
  - Disallow changing player slots in single player scenarios.
  - Added checks for illegal file names during map saving.
  - Fixed a crash where a leaked remnant of the game session would still be
    subscribed to the 'changed resolution' event if a savegame failed to load.
  - Fixed crash with identical autosave filenames when LAN game is run with
    multiple instances of Widelands on a single computer. Also, more informative
    error messages in disk_filesystem.cc.
  - Fixed bug #1548932: Editor fails on save with zip filesystem
  - Fixed bug #1526514: player 2 in "" section [player_2] not found
  - Fixed bug #1509172: Editor gives error on saving maps in Windows.
  - Fixed bug #1428396: Savefile broken when enemy deafed
  - Fixed bug #1413734: Savegame does not load
  - Fixed bug #1388028: Unable to load saved game
  - Fixed bug #1375915: Scripting files get deleted when a map is resaved
  - Fixed bug #1332832: Warning when starting a new game Unused key "name" in
  - Fixed bug #1311716: Segfault when loading a game with nightly build
  - Fixed bug #1303669: Reduce size of campaign savegames
  - Fixed bug #1302577: Wrong minimap in load dialog when the save game has been
  - Fixed bug #1254116: Crash on saving game: unprotected error in call to Lua
                        API (table index is NaN)
  - Fixed bug #1228811: Observers savegame contains no minimap.
  - Fixed bug #1227984: Autosave should not trigger while game is paused
  - Fixed bug #992829: Console output: WARNING: There are 73 unloaded objects.
  - Fixed bug #979995: Game crashes with large map when saving

* AI:

  - AI can now build and use ships
  - Improved placing, upgrading and dismantling buildings
  - Improved placing and destroying roads.
  - AI no longer runs out of wood
  - Enhanced military and soldier training strategy
  - Reworked the way how AI stores some data in Player object
  - Fixed bug #1388255: Widelands crashes when loading a multiplayer game
  - Fixed bug #1344288: Segmentation fault - AI building enhancement
  - Fixed bug #1342554: [defaultai.cc:2406] Help: I do not know what to do with
                        a outpost
  - Fixed bug #1330070: AI crashes
  - Fixed bug #1311790: Assertion error Widelands::StreamWrite::Coords32 shortly
                        after starting a new game

* Gameplay

  - Collectors win condition now reports team scores as well as player scores.
  - New win condition: Artifacts
  - Added New starting condition "Trading Outpost" that will periodically give
    the player some wares if needed (cheat mode)
  - Other tribes’ buildings that have been conquered can now be dismantled
  - Balancing: Added gold to building cost for Atlantean training sites.
    Made Barbarian attack stronger.
  - When an expedition ship places a port, a bit of land is cleared of trees to
    make room for a few buildings.
  - Ports can be affected by terrain changes up to 3 tiles away from their original
    position, so we recalculate as much when changing a terrain tile.
  - New tree/terrain affinity values.
  - Forcing a constructionsite properly conquers the area that the finished
    building will occupy.
  - Reworked find_portdock.
  - "Out of resources" messages are now be triggered by productivity
  - Engine change: all tribes can now use any building/ware/worker etc.
    Use Lua instead of finf file for initialization.
  - Ontology cleanup: Internal unit names now match their display names.
    Renamed worker program "geologist-find" to "geologist_find" and "playFX" to
    "play_sound" and removed unused option "setdescription".
  - Added Description objects for all tribe and world entities to Lua interface.
  - Removed LuaBaseImmovable::get_size. The corresponding functions now return
    strings instead of ints.
  - Added LUA interface to ship - RO property shipname
  - Updated Eris to version 683ac97476a8634d9e5c17f0dec8dff8b7f3e595 (Lua 5.3).
  - Fixed bug #1554552: Wounded attacking soldiers failing to retreat
  - Fixed bug #1551578: Fortified Village crashes when building can't be placed.
  - Fixed bug #1542703: Crash during battle in editor_game_base.cc:677: Only
                        allow building a port if all fields can be conquered.
                        Also added a test for this issue.
  - Fixed bug #1525395: Atlantean mines failing to extract all resources
  - Fixed bug #1509220: Atlanteans campaign keeps counting 0 ships
  - Fixed bug #1504948: Performance issue when "no use for ships on this map"
  - Fixed bug #1502458: Carrier hiding in Warehouse/HQ is hardcoded
  - Fixed bug #1490116: Fully promoted soldiers remaining in training sites
  - Fixed bug #1457425: Fight never ends (also not 2h later)
  - Fixed bug #1451078: Labyrinth malfunctions full report
  - Fixed bug #1451069: Collectors win condition doesn't count wares in ports
  - Fixed bug #1442945: Atlanteans ship construction much faster
  - Fixed bug #1442869: Stopped production sites should produce something from
                        their consumed wares before they stop
  - Fixed bug #1434291: Collectors game over message
  - Fixed bug #1423468: After reload, all percentages are blue until they are
                        updated again
  - Fixed bug #1420521: Reset target quantity is overwritten easily
  - Fixed bug #1407418: Multiple hunters hunt for same animal
  - Fixed bug #1402392: Widelands crashed with SIGSEGV in
  - Fixed bug #1402231: Wl crashes when saving after port is reduced to
  - Fixed bug #1395238: Soldiers getting stuck
  - Fixed bug #1389211: Port without a portdock (game crashing)
  - Fixed bug #1387801: Crash when expedition port is destroyed while wares are
  - Fixed bug #1344179: Granite mines should check if their output is needed
  - Fixed bug #1341662: Remove the animals out of the Barbarian directory
  - Fixed bug #1332842: Remove support for different flag and frontier 'styles'.
  - Fixed bug #1332455: Productivity of the Atlantean farm does not drop to 0
                        when it does not work
  - Fixed bug #1332452: Crop does not grow
  - Fixed bug #1302635: Random tribe selection always gives the same result
  - Fixed bug #1302593: Result screen not shown in loaded game when a player was
                        already defeated in saved game
  - Fixed bug #1290123: Delete barbarian stronghold
  - Fixed bug #1251914: Soldier stuck in battle animation loop
  - Fixed bug #980287: Productivity drops on game load
  - Fixed bug #978138: Ship is under fisher's hut
  - Fixed bug #902807: Stopped production sites do not have their reserves
  - Fixed bug #861761: Improve production prioritisation
  - Fixed bug #849896: Heal the highest level, healthiest soldier first
  - Fixed bug #653308: The attack dialog is not updating the number of possible
  - Fixed bug #580923: Production of carrier does not respect building costs

* User Interface

  - Display Widelands version for each client in Internet lobby.
  - Overhaul of diverse menu screens and windows: map and game loading,
    in-game Building Statistics, main menu Options and "About Widelands"
  - Messages can be filtered
  - Added Win condition descriptions as an Objective
  - Remember map location markers in singleplayer savegames.
  - Ships now have individual names and show their states in the statistics
  - Added census/statistics strings to ships and ship construction.
  - Hide wares which do not need prerequisites and therefore are produced
    'endlessly' from configure economy
  - Watchwindow fixes: Fixed some oddities such as view duplication:
    - Possibly fixed bug #1553699 (probable cause: std::erase used on invalid
      position, which results in undefined behavior).
    - Highlight the current view button.
  - Editor CategorizedItemSelectionMenu no longer grows excessively wide when
    multiple items are selected.
  - Shifted chat overlay up so it won't overlap with the menu buttons.
  - Most UI elements now use the new font renderer
  - Various scrollbar-related fixes.
  - Fixed handling of Alt key in Linux
  - Fixed bug #1566441: String "Saving Game" appears too late
  - Fixed bug #1559729: Port space not shown.
  - Fixed bug #1542214: Inconsistent ordering of OK/Cancel buttons.
  - Fixed bug #1526916: When selecting a map, the parent directory now has a
                        lower sort order than all other directories.
  - Fixed bug #1480937: Escape key doesn't work in all dialogues
  - Fixed bug #1451147: Game crashes when headquarters is taken over
  - Fixed bug #1426654: Only list compatible .wmf files in the load game dialog
  - Fixed bug #1422072: Private message improvements
  - Fixed bug #1419537: Allow Observers to show building spaces
  - Fixed bug #1413226: Spaces in attack box disappear
  - Fixed bug #1412242: Multiplayer save game selection does not show the
  - Fixed bug #1371062: Add confirmation dialog to exit game
  - Fixed bug #1344350: Constructionsites/dismantlesites only show a dot instead
                        of building image
  - Fixed bug #1342563: When choosing random tribe and castle village, the tribe
                        can be guessed
  - Fixed bug #1339861: Remove the "Military settings" option
  - Fixed bug #1322741: Text issue: fps statistics overlaps with xz coordinates
  - Fixed bug #1306728: Crash when info window opened if statistics window has
                        been opened
  - Fixed bug #1300359: Installation dialog shows old screenshot
  - Fixed bug #1298301: Do not show scenario messages when player is in road
                        building mode
  - Fixed bug #1296655: News window crashes when building has not been seen in
                        the game
  - Fixed bug #1283693: Crash after very long chat message
  - Fixed bug #1252625: Plot areas now update their data less often.
  - Fixed bug #1247384: Newly conquered building should prefer heroes
  - Fixed bug #1232392: Allow tabbing in forms
  - Fixed bug #1191556: The "Cancel Expedition" button in Port windows will now
                        toggle and remove the tab.
  - Fixed bug #1167242: Ctrl+destroying a flag with a building does not destroy
                        the whole road
  - Fixed bug #998544: Replay name should contain Widelands version
  - Fixed bug #988831: Remove message expiry feature.
  - Fixed bug #965633: Set default AI to random tribe
  - Fixed bug #964541: Closing building window closes (child) help window
  - Fixed bug #744749: Training sites should either show statistics as a
                        military or as a productionsite
  - Fixed bug #736404: Cannot switch from Widelands in full screen on Linux
  - Fixed bug #682351: Wishlist: Fullscreen toogle also in Menu
  - Fixed bug #571796: Stop the rounding to full 10ths for productivity
  - Fixed bug #566729: Add gametime display to replays
  - Fixed bug #536230: Building icons in menu are shown without correct

* Internationalization

  - Big string overhaul to improve translations
  - UI redesigns to make translated strings fit
  - Automatic font selection and support for Arabic script
  - Fixed escaping of special characters in messages
  - Richtext and rt_render can now handle  
  - ngettext and pgettext are now available in Lua
  - Fixed bug #1341990: Map names cause confusion in internet play
  - Fixed bug #1289698: Sorting maps by name sort by original instead of
                        translated name
  - Fixed bug #1289586: Let tree descriptions use the same size scheme as
  - Fixed bug #1290066: Sort languages by their native names
  - Fixed bug #978175: Localization not yet loaded in command line
  - Fixed bug #973714: Fonts are different between daily PPA and bzr repository

* Editor

  - Merged the four worlds into one, so any entity can be placed on any map now.
  - New forested mountain terrains
  - Editor now starts with the Info tool instead of the Set Height tool
  - The user can choose to display map or filenames when loading or saving a map
  - Overhaul of all main menu subenus
  - Stopped the infotool from painting and gave it size 1.
  - Fixed various cashes in editor when loading a map or using the Set Origin
  - Fixed bug #1535065: Editor crashes with random map regarding player
  - Fixed bug #1532417: Complete indicators for resource water
  - Fixed bug #1504366: Editor crashes unexpectedly
  - Fixed bug #1426276: Editor Player Menu doesn't update tool overlay when
                        player is removed
  - Fixed bug #1402786: "Set origin" should be in the tools menu
  - Fixed bug #1392406: Confirmation dialog when leaving the editor although
                        Ctrl has been pressed
  - Fixed bug #1392215: Secondary and Third Alternative Tool no longer working
                        in the Editor
  - Fixed bug #1378801: Random map: Wasteland % change not reflected in
                        Mountains %
  - Fixed bug #1341112: Editor line abruption in Noise height tool
  - Fixed bug #1289575: Dialog for selecting immovable bobs in editor lacks
  - Fixed bug #1281823: Setting resources via LUA API broken in Editor
  - Fixed bug #1174075: Clarify meaning of icons in editor terrain preview
  - Fixed bug #1171231: Size of minimap in the editor not changed when new map
                        is loaded
  - Fixed bug #977980: Fish and mountain ressources cannot be removed when they
                        are on grass
  - Fixed bug #821553: Increase maximum number of terrain types
  - Fixed bug #768826: Show altitude level in the editor

* Help and Documentation:

  - Generic in-game and in-editor help system driven by Lua scripts. All values
    except for performance are now read from the current Lua configuration
  - Added some performance values for the buildings help text
  - Improved documentation: Started adding Tribe and World information to our
    online Widelands Scripting Reference.
  - Created a new executable 'wl_map_object_info' that will generate JSON files
    for updating the encyclopedia on the website.

* Graphics Engine:

  - Fixed line drawing by replacing the broken use of GL_LINES with a
    tessellation algorithm for drawing lines.
  - Decoupled UI update frequency from game update frequency (which is now 15
    times per second).
  - Removed graphic::update() and Panel::update() and always redraw at maxfps.
  - Changed default maxfps to 30 (instead of 25).
  - Filter all textures linearly instead of near. This looks nicer and texture
    bleeding has been taken care of.
  - Added a new undocumented command line argument --debug_gl_trace which will
    log every OpenGL call that is made, together with arguments, return values
    and glError status. This requires that Widelands is build using
    -DOPTION_USE_GLBINDING:BOOL=ON. It is a NoOp for GLEW. This will help
    debugging non-reproducible OpenGL errors that are reported. Tested with
    glbinding 1.1.0.
  - More logging when OpenGL is initialized.
  - Correctly crop destination and source rectangle while blitting.
  - Fixed memory leaks in UI::Table::draw and around code found using the Leaks
    tool in Apple's Instruments.
  - Fixed bug #1562071: Visual glitch in chat overlay as well as chat overlay
  - Fixed bug #1535569: Messages window slows down game speed
  - Fixed bug #1480928: Lumberjack animation glitches
  - Fixed bug #1447333: Crashes on main menu under Windows 7. Mouse movement
                        seems to trigger this.
  - Fixed bug #1424408: Graphics become all white in tutorial
  - Fixed bug #1409267: Graphic errors with text on Windows
  - Fixed bug #1408707: Water should be dithered as land terrain
  - Fixed bug #1397302: Fullscreen Toggle Text Overlay
  - Fixed bug #1397301: Screenshots black
  - Fixed bug #1393547: Flashing black background when autosaving
  - Fixed bug #1389346: Disabling opengl results in black screen
  - Fixed bug #1378797: When playing fullscreen mode Unity locks the screen
  - Fixed bug #1370144: Playercolor mask is sometimes black
  - Fixed bug #1302565: Screenshot shows wrong image when a game is chosen with
                        the mouse pointer
  - Fixed bug #1257476: Crash when attempting to load a game after toggeling
                        opengl rendering
  - Fixed bug #1257320: Strange vertical lines during gameplay
  - Fixed bug #1243700: Statistic window displays graph incorrectly when in
  - Fixed bug #1215412: Graphic artifacts
  - Fixed bug #1203006: Increasing resolution in fullscreen results in the right
                        and bottom sides not being updated properly
  - Fixed bug #1202133: Dialogs (and list of maps) have white background and
  - Fixed bug #1041436: Game jerks and stops after playing awhile. Bzr6421
  - Fixed bug #731987: Mouse does not work in full screen on virtual machines
  - Fixed bug #647456: Options: colors of the main WL menu changes when changing
                        the language
  - Fixed bug #536559: Fullscreen must not change physical screen resolution
  - Fixed bug #536500: Can not toggle fullscreen with Alt+Enter or resize with
  - Fixed bug #536317: Graphics libraries still in memory when no longer needed

* Other Issues:

  - Added build instructions for OpenBSD
  - Ships get debug window. Also its content are extended.
  - Removed --logfile command line flag - use redirects instead.
    Added an SDL2 aware logger that replicates writing a stdout.txt on windows.
  - Removed --remove-replays and --remove-syncstreams. We now always delete
    them if they were autogenerated and older than 4 weeks.
  - Added --write-syncstreams option which defaults to true for now.
    This will give us more debug information for future desyncs.
  - Remove --dedicated commandline option and associated code.
  - Added Widelands version to log output
  - Moved all data-related directories into a new "data" directory.
  - Fixed bug #1581828: Desync while testing bzr8001[bug-1418154-collectors-teams]
  - Fixed bug #1562332: Crash with playing chat sound in Internet lobby
  - Fixed bug #1522290: Gameplay suddenly gets very slow
  - Fixed bug #1503949: Excessive CPU usage and loading time seemingly related
                        to length of the game
  - Fixed bug #1438611: Widelands is leaking memory
  - Fixed bug #1413326: Current trunk on Linux cannot join a game that is hosted
                        on Windows
  - Fixed bug #1404478: Windows installer puts string "Widelands" into the
                        version field
  - Fixed bug #1278050: Login problems with metaserver
  - Fixed bug #1274279: Metaserver entry in config gets deleted
  - Fixed bug #1169445: Commandline options 1/0 <=> true/false on win32
  - Fixed bug #1096453: Massive memory leaks

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