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download icon widelands-build18-mac.dmg (md5) Mac OS X Binary 14,035
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon widelands-build18-win32.exe (md5) Windows 32 installer 280,124
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download icon widelands-build18-src.tar.bz2 (md5) Source package 174,494
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Release notes 

The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of build 18 of Widelands. Widelands is a free, cross-platform strategy game in which players control the fate of a small tribe that can grow into a big empire, in a style of play that is unique in the open source world. Please visit our homepage http://www.widelands.org/ to learn more.

Some of the highlights of this build are:
   * Seafaring enhancements: expeditions and colonization.
   * Eviction of workers from production sites.
   * Soldier preference selection in military sites.
   * Better in-game stock charts with new information.
   * new maps, sounds, music, graphics & animations.
   * On demand loading of graphics improves startup time.
   * Better performance: Widelands needs less CPU and memory.

As usual, there have been many more improvements to the usability and performance, as well as numerous game-play improvements and bug-fixes.

Widelands is currently translated 100% into the following languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Slovak. It is > 80% translated into the following languages: Gaelic; Scottish, English (United Kingdom), Czech, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish. You can help out translating directly in your web browser: http://translations.launchpad.net/widelands .

Widelands is distributed for Windows (32-bit) and Mac OS X (Intel, 64bit) and in source code. We no longer ship binary Linux packages because of the poor compatibility between Linux distributions. Instead, we try to make compiling for Linux users as easy as possible. Also, most distributions will pick up build 18 into their repositories very quickly. Both binary and source packages are available from http://launchpad.net/widelands/build18/build18

Simply download the binary package for your operating system and run the widelands executable! If your operating system is not supported, download a source package and try to compile it for yourself. See the homepage for the libraries you need to have installed.

If you like what you see, please visit our homepage, http://www.widelands.org/ . You may also want to check the forums and our IRC channel, #widelands on Freenode, to arrange multiplayer games with other players.

We especially welcome every helping hand, even if you just want to contribute by helping us find bugs. Also translators for all languages are always needed. If you want to get even more involved in the further development of Widelands, you can subscribe to widelands-public@lists.sf.net on http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/widelands-public to keep up with development on a daily basis or meet us in the forum.

Known issues / Notes to packagers:

Widelands currently depends on lua5.1, and will not build with lua5.2. This is being worked on (https://bugs.launchpad.net/widelands/+bug/1073932).


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### Build 18
- Added a preview for the costs of a building and the resources gained
  through the dismantling of a building.
- Added a button to productionsites for evicting a worker.
- Added control to exchange stationed soldiers of a militarysite
  with soldiers of a higher resp. lower level.
- Added seafaring expedition and colonization.
- Added new win condition: Territorial time similar to territorial lord.
- Added a game result screen showing a summary of the game once the game is over
- Added support for a "message of the day" to Widelands and the Widelands' dedicated server.
- Added new game tips.
- Improved start up time through on demand loading of graphics.
- Improved Widelands' rich text rendering engine and improved
  much of text in many different places.
- Improved OpenGL rendering leading to a huge speed up.
- Improved the handling of soldiers inside trainingssites:
  Soliders that did not receive training for some time are now evicted automatically
- Improved the old stock charts and added some new ones.
- Improved graphics and animations in many places.
- Improved graphics used in road building mode to indicate the steepness.
- Improved multiplayer scenario "Smugglers".
- Improved Empire Inn to be backward compatible.
- Improved the handling of game saving
- Improved Widelands' translations and added some new ones.
- Fixed a bunch of memory leaks.
- Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings.
- Fixed an editor crash when trying to save a map inside a subdirectory.
- Fixed bug #535806: Loading images takes a tremendous amount of time
- Fixed bug #536110: Some Map Editor tools (Resources) are not translatable
- Fixed bug #536161: Widelands bundles internal copy of unzip.cc
- Fixed bug #536482: Downgrade skilled workers when possible
- Fixed bug #536507: Autosave after reaching objective
- Fixed bug #536548: Allow control of stationed Soldiers in Military Buildings
- Fixed bug #536571: Empire Inns should be able to produce rations.
- Fixed bug #537194: Unable to see full list of bobs on debug
- Fixed bug #566970: Unable to attack castle
- Fixed bug #576347: show game results screen
- Fixed bug #580905: write building status in a different font color for construction sites
- Fixed bug #657285: Multiple tooltips may be shown when opening building information
- Fixed bug #674600: Long titles in message inbox overlap with time sent
- Fixed bug #674930: Rare bug in soldiers code
- Fixed bug #704637: Does not start (could not set video mode) using too large resolution in fullscreen mode
- Fixed bug #706284: Default save file name is always the first in list
- Fixed bug #706284: Default save file name is always the first in list
- Fixed bug #714036: Add evict worker button to productionsites
- Fixed bug #722087: hard to empty warehouse
- Fixed bug #723113: Weird green granite in the editor on Blackland maps
- Fixed bug #726139: Numeric wares display in warehouses not updating correctly
- Fixed bug #732142: Please choose lighter blue player color
- Fixed bug #738643: Pause game while in 'save'-dialog
- Fixed bug #738895: Show a message when the game is autosaving
- Fixed bug #740401: Preview required building costs before building or upgrading
- Fixed bug #744595: clang llvm 2.9 compiler widelands crash
- Fixed bug #751836: Loading games memory usage
- Fixed bug #763567: Sort Messages in Message Inbox to be most recent on top
- Fixed bug #787217: editor crashes on map load
- Fixed bug #787464: Hard to tell the difference between actual flags and possible flags for
                      the yellow player
- Fixed bug #796673: Roads "light up" in the fog of war
- Fixed bug #796690: Atleantean resource signs have a red tint
- Fixed bug #802432: wreck sail is blue instead of white
- Fixed bug #803284: While building, show range of the building on construction site
- Fixed bug #818823: Multiplayer game kicked out players after being paused for a while (Broken pipe)
- Fixed bug #825957: Warnings at compile-time (GCC)
- Fixed bug #846409: Improving the load game dialog
- Fixed bug #858517: Counter for 50% of the land in territorial lord doesn't reset
- Fixed bug #861840: building near shoreline
- Fixed bug #898129: Workarea color policy
- Fixed bug #900784: Screen resolution can be set too large in windowed mode
- Fixed bug #902464: Upgrading building: number of wares in stock window not updated
- Fixed bug #902558: Workers returning to a building being dismantled will attempt to enter it
- Fixed bug #913369: Warnings at compile-time (clang/llvm)
- Fixed bug #923702: soldier "lost" if the building he is returning to has been destroyed
- Fixed bug #933747: Text refers to bug #1951113
- Fixed bug #939026: Sea expedition and colonization
- Fixed bug #939709: Make OpenGL terrain rendering less demanding on hardware
- Fixed bug #955908: Open stockstatistics with a button
- Fixed bug #957750: Add Portspace tool doesn't use the toolsize.
- Fixed bug #960370: Atlantean Ship Shows "flashes" on the Hull
- Fixed bug #961548: widelands executable links against boost_unit_test_framework in Debug mode
- Fixed bug #963697: Port build help icon shown, though no port can be build
- Fixed bug #963802: Add option to burn a ship
- Fixed bug #963963: Game crashes when ship construction site cannot be cleared for a new ship
- Fixed bug #965052: Cannot see which map I am currently playing
- Fixed bug #970264: Missing SDL_* libraries lead to rather useless messages
- Fixed bug #970840: new graph: availability of wares
- Fixed bug #972759: barbarian beer icons misleading
- Fixed bug #974679: Inconsistent behaviour in soldier creation leads to irregular economy state
- Fixed bug #975091: Ship freezes loaded with wares upon destruction of destination port
- Fixed bug #975495: lua bug in "Together we are strong" map
- Fixed bug #975840: test_routing.cc:97 Same expression on both sides of '-'
- Fixed bug #975847: increase and decrese resource tool has methods with multiple consecutive returns
- Fixed bug #975852: lua_map has a statement after a return which will never be executed
- Fixed bug #976077: x\y axis in ware statistics are wrong
- Fixed bug #976551: ftbfs with gcc 4.7 if not including <unistd.h>
- Fixed bug #976698: Atlantean saw has misleading description
- Fixed bug #978123: Small icons for wares on ships
- Fixed bug #978169: Global militarysites icons not updated
- Fixed bug #979937: Coal can be replaced by other ressources in the editor
- Fixed bug #982364: Editor in Windows XP suffers high CPU, memory leak
- Fixed bug #982620: "no use for ships on this map" blocks building ships in first Atlantis campaign
- Fixed bug #983448: Improve OpenBSD support
- Fixed bug #984110: memory leak in src/ai/defaultai.cc:1439
- Fixed bug #984165: Make the increase/reduce wares buttons repeatable
- Fixed bug #984197: Suggestion: Confirmation window for dismantling production building
- Fixed bug #985109: Decreasing vision for node that is not seen
- Fixed bug #986526: Clarify "X player teams" map filter
- Fixed bug #986534: Improve in-game checkboxes
- Fixed bug #986910: Multiplayer game setup does not show team suggestions for maps
- Fixed bug #988498: Suggestion: remove cppcheck related stuff from build
- Fixed bug #988870: Barbarian weaving mill produces endless cloth
- Fixed bug #989483: Widelands host crashes if a client connection breaks
- Fixed bug #989489: After leaving an internet game, Widelands freezes in the lobby
- Fixed bug #990623: Checkboxes should react when hovered by the mouse cursor
- Fixed bug #992466: dedicated server regression: not able to choose map
- Fixed bug #993293: EnsureDirectoryExists() does only work with a path deepth of 1.
- Fixed bug #994712: GPL Text should maybe not be translateable
- Fixed bug #995011: They can attack me but I can't attack them
- Fixed bug #996965: Fail to build on amd64
- Fixed bug #998828: Only coal can be placed in the editor
- Fixed bug #1005955: Start using C++11 features in Widelands sources
- Fixed bug #1008861: Massive memory leak after closing stats window when OpenGL rendering enabled.
- Fixed bug #1016104: The stock plot is quite wrong
- Fixed bug #1019585: Building window background "jumping" when previewing upgrade build cost
- Fixed bug #1020736: CrossPlatform Path fix: remove ":" in path names on Windows
- Fixed bug #1022267: stock chart counts wares in every building
- Fixed bug #1023264: Scouts explore consistently to the west
- Fixed bug #1024549: Crash in Build Cost Preview in Observer Mode
- Fixed bug #1025014: segmentation fault in widelands
- Fixed bug #1025848: --version prints more and less than it should
- Fixed bug #1027058: Connection lost after some time if all players pause in multiplayer
- Fixed bug #1033213: Assertion in nethost is always true
- Fixed bug #1033216: Undefined identifiers used
- Fixed bug #1033615: Consider checking for more warnings when compiling Widelands
- Fixed bug #1044933: Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value in io/filesystem/filesystem.cc
- Fixed bug #1044935: Assigned value is garbage or undefined in graphic/render/terrain_sdl.h
- Fixed bug #1044939: Dead assignment or increment (variables which have values assigned,
                      but are then never read again)
- Fixed bug #1050431: Worker icons should not contain letters for levels
- Fixed bug #1063233: Starting game while savegame is still being transferred
- Fixed bug #1074655: FPS slowly drops when playing with stock screen open
- Fixed bug #1074979: r6433 has an economy mismatch after building a third port
- Fixed bug #1090433: dedicated server module not working on windows
- Fixed bug #1090887: buildcosts and "wares that get recycled" preview moves the window
- Fixed bug #1093848: Remove ware removes wares without placing them outside the building
- Fixed bug #1094711: Fisher runs out of fish even with double breeders
- Fixed bug #1094750: Usability Suggestion: move economy configuration button to a more obvious location
                      / clarify its location in documentation and tips.
- Fixed bug #1095022: Division by zero in ui_basic/slider.cc
- Fixed bug #1095028: Called C++ object pointer is null in ui_basic/table.cc
- Fixed bug #1095034: Called C++ object pointer is null in network/nethost.cc
- Fixed bug #1095695: Middle-clicking in any window will crash the game (assertion error)
- Fixed bug #1095702: Game crashed with OpenGL ERROR: out of memory
- Fixed bug #1096362: Crash when increasing speed in a internet game as observer
                      (only happens on dedicated servers)
- Fixed bug #1096632: Open windows cause game to stall after several hours
- Fixed bug #1096651: Windowed graphics resolution change does not resize window
- Fixed bug #1096786: Indicate direction of steepness in road building mode
- Fixed bug #1097420: Window tabs in map editor cause exception
- Fixed bug #1098263: Widelands does not start if PC has OpenGL problems
- Fixed bug #1099094: Tutorial description bug
- Fixed bug #1100045: Carriers can/can't be removed from Warehouses
- Fixed bug #1101788: Atlantean stone economy target too low
- Fixed bug #1104462: Untranslatable strings
- Fixed bug #1108083: Construction site window does not display specific building name
- Fixed bug #1115664: Extremely slow framerate/performance with OpenGL
- Fixed bug #1121396: Assertion error upon starting WL (regression after latest opengl changes)
- Fixed bug #1125539: Roads not rendered in road building mode
- Fixed bug #1128114: segmentation fault when running with --dedicated
- Fixed bug #1130469: Textarea does not place cursor correctly on mouse click (map description in the editor)
- Fixed bug #1130905: OpenGL switch to Software Rendering crash
- Fixed bug #1132238: Open buildingwindow after closing of constructionsitewindow when
                      construction has finished
- Fixed bug #1132466: Evicted workers will become stuck if the are away from home and the building is
                      not conencted to the road network
- Fixed bug #1132469: List of workers in building window not updating properly
- Fixed bug #1132473: soldier hangs at one point
- Fixed bug #1132476: change yellow color in white(?) - building menu % is unreadable
- Fixed bug #1132774: Assertion in image cache while loading first barbarian campaign
- Fixed bug #1137765: displaying tooltips in fullscreen causes crash
- Fixed bug #1139666: New buildcap allows larger buildings in smaller spaces
- Fixed bug #1142781: Current BZR version leads to compiler errors on Windows
- Fixed bug #1144465: Builder gets "lost" after dismantling site
- Fixed bug #1145376: Dark box when hovering over buildings
- Fixed bug #1150455: Dedicated servermode segfaults on non-existing maps
- Fixed bug #1150517: Crash when closing widelands
- Fixed bug #1153361: OpenPandora patch for FAT FS
- Fixed bug #1159000: Building WL should check whether gettext is installed
- Fixed bug #1159432: Warnings at compile-time in GCC 4.8
- Fixed bug #1159968: Crash in opengl fonthandler_cc:99
- Fixed bug #1162918: Workers exiting warehouse do not follow flag
- Fixed bug #1162920: Shovel icon is unclear
- Fixed bug #1162936: After eviction of a worker, a worker of the same level is requested instead of
                      the original worker type
- Fixed bug #1167234: Terrain preview in editor shows nothing
- Fixed bug #1170086: Imperial sentry returns more wares when dismantled than it needed
- Fixed bug #1171131: Revision 6559 FTBFS on GNU/Linux due to compile_assert failing
- Fixed bug #1171233: Opening a Widelands file makes all strings appear in English
- Fixed bug #1172197: Seefaring doesn't work on nightly Build
- Fixed bug #1174066: Setting the origin of a map disrupts it
- Fixed bug #1178327: Empire does not have economy target for marble
- Fixed bug #1181132: Random Map: Randomize positioning of start positions
- Fixed bug #1182010: fish breeder does not work
- Fixed bug #1183479: Evict Worker code possibly incomplete
- Fixed bug #1184151: Cant load a saved game after update
- Fixed bug #1186906: Remove entries from the message list that have become obsolete
- Fixed bug #1189615: WL crashes down while ship makes expedition
- Fixed bug #1191554: Game crashes when ship with open window is loaded for expedition
- Fixed bug #1191556: Port window not updated ("Cancel the expedition" starts a new one)
- Fixed bug #1191568: Expedition feature does not work properly in replay mode
- Fixed bug #1191889: Ship loads ware but does not transport it
- Fixed bug #1194194: Show build progress of the current ship
- Fixed bug #1195639: Ports build into water
- Fixed bug #1196194: Game freezes when exploring coast when not at coast
- Fixed bug #1197429: Fail to build in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
- Fixed bug #1198624: A player should be considered defeated in Autocrat after losing all warehouses,
                      rather than all buildings
- Fixed bug #1198921: Returning null reference in scripting/lua_game.cc
- Fixed bug #1198930: Use-after-free in wui/building_ui.cc
- Fixed bug #1199653: Unseen port crashes the game when saving
- Fixed bug #1199808: Use-after-free in wui/shipwindow.cc
- Fixed bug #1199812: Use-after-free in economy/economy.cc
- Fixed bug #1199957: Segmentation fault during combat
- Fixed bug #1200952: Make error: /wui/buildingwindow.cc
- Fixed bug #1201081: Building with boost 1.54: "Boost.Signals is no longer being maintained and is
                      now deprecated. Please switch to Boost.Signals2."
- Fixed bug #1201330: Dangerous variable-length array (VLA) declaration in map_generator.cc
- Fixed bug #1202040: Soldier preference button graphics
- Fixed bug #1202133: Dialogs (and list of maps) have white background and repetition
- Fixed bug #1202146: With opengl enabled, screenshots display edges in terrain strangely
- Fixed bug #1202228: Better controls for specifying preference of strong and weak soldiers
- Fixed bug #1202499: Can't open directory with maps
- Fixed bug #1203121: Latest trunk FTBFS on Ubuntu 12.04
                      (src/helper.cc:82:8: error: 'mt19937' in namespace 'boost::random' does not name a type)
- Fixed bug #1203329: Possible to trigger a crash by saving between story dialogs
- Fixed bug #1203337: Map name appears untranslated in save dialog, even when translation exists
- Fixed bug #1203338: According to save dialog, campaign maps have 58 players
- Fixed bug #1203439: Crash on saving with no human player
- Fixed bug #1203474: Ingame README needs review
- Fixed bug #1203492: Fail to build in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
- Fixed bug #1204008: Suggestion: widelands-daily should incorporate recent translations
- Fixed bug #1204144: Cursor Key Navigation in table not complete
- Fixed bug #1204171: Can't select ware in ware statistics window
- Fixed bug #1204199: Buildings and building statistics have different color groups for productivity
- Fixed bug #1204226: FTBFS on Ubuntu 13.04 fixed.
- Fixed bug #1204462: Suggestion: widelands-daily should not only include bzr revision,
                      but also date/time in the package name
- Fixed bug #1204481: Militarysite initialization
- Fixed bug #1204612: FTBFS on Ubuntu Precise and Lucid ('unique_ptr' is not a member of 'std')
- Fixed bug #1204756: REVDETECT=BROKEN-PLEASE-REPORT-THIS(Release) in PPA builds
- Fixed bug #1205010: segfault on dismantle on conquered enemy building or starting buildings in campaigns
- Fixed bug #1205149: Crash on Ubuntu 12.04 when clicking to open a building window
- Fixed bug #1205457: Fisher produces fish without decreasing resources
- Fixed bug #1205609: Wincondition scripts reloaded too often
- Fixed bug #1205806: Ware statistics window too small for empire warelist
- Fixed bug #1205882: Typo in license text
- Fixed bug #1205901: Value stored to unread variable in map_io/widelands_map_buildingdata_data_packet.cc
- Fixed bug #1206211: "Follow" function in watch window crashes in replays or when playing as a spectator
- Fixed bug #1206441: Autosave leads to crash on replays
- Fixed bug #1206563: Error when loading savegame saved in replay
- Fixed bug #1206712: Endless loop in Layout::fit_nodes
- Fixed bug #1206917: Pausing during save dialog behaves different in replays and games
- Fixed bug #1207069: Seafaring: cancel expedition button on ship
- Fixed bug #1207412: Authors button ingame leads to crash
- Fixed bug #1207477: Assertion `it != end()' failed in message queue
- Fixed bug #1208130: Desync error after clicking "Prefer rookies/heros" buttons in military buildings
- Fixed bug #1208229: Segmentation fault in Widelands::Soldier::attack_update
                      (this=0x99f1ea0, game=..., state=...) at src/logic/soldier.cc:1003
- Fixed bug #1208440: Some messages directly expired and still play sound
- Fixed bug #1208474: Need a nice compatibility safegame from b17.
- Fixed bug #1209125: FTBFS trunk/6705 on Debian Wheezy
- Fixed bug #1209256: Saving a game not working because of minimap.png code
- Fixed bug #1209283: Crash at end of game (game statistics window)
- Fixed bug #1211248: Add map tag "seafaring" and handle in the UI
- Fixed bug #1211255: Show workarea doesn't work
- Fixed bug #1211898: bzr 6718 segfault building expedition port
- Fixed bug #1212191: 100% training site production without any soldier
- Fixed bug #1212192: Evict worker doesn't work for the second worker
- Fixed bug #1213330: Called C++ object pointer is null in wui /shipwindow.cc
- Fixed bug #1215075: Terrains not translateable - feature not a bug???
- Fixed bug #1215134: Hint text inherited by new map
- Fixed bug #1216278: Assertion failed when making a port at top left position in this safegame
- Fixed bug #1216305: It is possible to place ports via expeditions where players can not build them
                      via normal expansion
- Fixed bug #1219388: Port spaces missing after change of map origin
- Fixed bug #1219390: Wine farmer missing in description of shovel
- Fixed bug #1219507: Savegame crashes Widelands
- Fixed bug #1219524: Empire bakery drops from 100% to 0% very quickly when no wares are available.
- Fixed bug #1219526: Last received chat message never vanishes from main in game screen
- Fixed bug #1220546: segfault on dismantle a building on ubuntu 12.04
- Fixed bug #1228518: Chat announces defeat of all network players although only one is defeated
- Fixed bug #1228529: Defeated player can see_all, but can only use fieled_action_window on prior seen fields
- Fixed bug #1228592: Internet lobby chat is blocked once another UI part was used (one of the lists, etc.)
- Fixed bug #1228596: Important system messages are not forwarded to ingame chat

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