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Wifix v0.3 (Alpha) released. Revival of a wifi driver installer project.

Written for Wifix by nUboon2Age on 2010-09-03

Wednesday, Sept 1st, 2010 Wifix v0.3 (Alpha) was released. Wifix is a FLOSS Wireless driver nstallation program for Linux (and potentially other OS's). While in Alpha currently, WiFix aims to simplify wireless card detection and driver installation under Linux by downloading, compiling and installing the appropriate driver for wireless adaptors.

This release represents the revival of the Wifix project. Originally authored by Blake Martin and Buran Ayuthia, the project had gone dormant in 2008. Drew Johnson (nUboon2Age) discovered this clever and much needed software and wanted to see it come to its full potential to aid Linux and other FLOSS OS's effectively install wifi drivers, so he founded the Launchpad Wifix project and the Wifixers development and admin team. Sam Dieck, Mitch Towner (kermiac) and Kenny Meyer (km0r3) joined the Wifixers and contributed their considerable development talents to revive the Wifix project.

The Wifixers are intent on expanding the community building Wifix, and so have created the Wifix-helpers team where people of all kinds of talents can help make Wifix work. As far as development goes, currently the project has Python and bash on the client side, and MySQL, PHP and javascript on the central database side. The plan is to convert Wifix to as much Python as possible, simplifying the maintenance and development of Wifix. In addition to developing, the Wifix-helpers will include testing, locating and matching drivers to adaptors, writing bug reports, helping Wifix customers with answering questions, and as it evolves to be a stable release, simply letting people know about the tool that Wifix is for solving wifi driver installation issues.

Wifix v0.3 can be downloaded from The irc support channel is #wifix on . Wifix is an Ubuntu Beginner's Team Development Project

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