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Version 0.9 "Unnamed Release" is, well, released.

Written for Image Writer by Tobin Davis on 2013-08-07

It has been a busy summer for us developers. But we got the last two major bugs fixed (we hope). Now we can target the two biggest features for 1.0: compressed file support and an application installer.

As always, please download, test, thrash, chop, spindle, and mutilate this release. Report any issues. We strive to be bug-free.

The imageWriter team

Version 0.8 released

Written for Image Writer by Tobin Davis on 2013-06-04

I have pushed out the latest "furball". This is mainly a bug fix release, with some new features sprinkled in. See the readme and changelog for changes/added features.

Version 0.7 Released

Written for Image Writer by Tobin Davis on 2013-02-03

Release 0.7
Added default directory path pointing to the user's download directory.
Fixed permission settings to require administrator privileges in Vista/7
Reinstated DiskImager.rc rc file (qmake method lost too many options - may revisit later).
Make MD5Sum selectable for copying. Fixes LP:1080880.
Add version info to the main window.
Cleanup, move winver resources to project file.
Renamed base translation for English.
More translation updates, minor cleanup.
Added translation capabilities. Cleaned up some code formatting (broke up long lines).
Testing changes for UTF16 support.
Clean up mixed indentation types, some minor code cleanup. no functional changes.
Updating the 'driveLabel' stuff to use QString rather than char * on a suggestion from Roland Rudenauer

Bug fixes:
Fixed LP:1100228 "An error occured while accessing the device. Error1: Incorrect function"
Fixed LP:1102608 "Cannot load images from network shares"
Fixed LP:1095038 "Error message encoding is messed up"
Fixed LP:984510 "Cannot select Device"
Fixed LP:923719 "An error occured while accessing the device. Error1: Incorrect function"
Fixed LP:985080 "C: with windows 7 partition erased with all data" (NOT FULLY VERIFIED)
fixing memory leak

This version is available on Enjoy!

Win32 Image Writer is moving to Sourceforge!

Written for Image Writer by Tobin Davis on 2012-10-24

The team of maintainers have decided that we should move the project to Sourceforge. The advantages are quite numerous (Web, Wiki, GIt, many others). This transition will be happening in our spare time over the next few weeks, and should be completed in time for the 1.0 release targeted for December. The site is currently being developed, and is available at (note the project name now reflects the program name).

There will be no more code posts to this bzr tree, and no more binary releases available to Launchpad. The bug and question tracker will remain available during this transition period.

Thank you for your support.

Version 0.6 release is back - with a warning.

Written for Image Writer by Tobin Davis on 2012-04-25

As I have not been able to reproduce the failure that caused one user to lose his main drive (bug 985080), i have re-enabled downloading of this release. Please note that it is still a remote possibility that it may corrupt your drive.

There is a known memory leak that has been fixed and will be in the next release. Due to this and the above issue, I recommend running this app in a non-repetitive manner (i.e. use once then exit).

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