Image Writer 1.0 "The "We made it to 1.0" release."

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Image Writer
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The "We made it to 1.0" release.
Tobin Davis
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5 Tobin Davis
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New Features:
Verify Image - Now you can verify an image file with a device. This compares
the image file to the device, not the device to the image file (i.e. if you
write a 2G image file to an 8G device, it will only read 2G of the device for
Additional checksums - Added SHA1 and SHA256 checksums.
Read Only Allocated Partitions - Option to read only to the end of the defined partition(s). Ex: Write a 2G image to a 32G device, reading it to a new file will only read to the end of
the defined partition (2G).
Save last opened folder - The program will now store the last used folder in
the Windows registry and default to it on next execution.
Additional language translations (thanks to devoted users for contributing).

Bugs Fixed
LP: 1285238 - Need to check filename text box for valid filename (not just a directory).
LP: 1323876 - Installer doesn't create the correct permissions on install
LP: 1330125 - Multi-partition SD card only partly copied
SF: 7 - Windows 8 x64 USB floppy access denied. Possibly imaging C drive
SF: 8 - Browse Dialog doesnt open then crashes application
SF: 9 - Cannot Read SD Card
SF: 13 - 0.9.5 version refuses to open read-only image
SF: 15 - Open a image for write, bring window in the background
SF: 27 - Error1: Incorrect function
SF: 35 - Mismatch between allocating and deleting memory buffer
SF: 39 - Miswrote to SSD
SF: 40 - Disk Imager scans whole %USERPROFILE% on start
SF: 45 - Translation files adustment


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1531682 #1531682 win32 disk imager micro sd card size 4 Medium Tobin Davis  4 Won't Fix
597788 #597788 Please support compressed Images 6 Wishlist Tobin Davis  6 Confirmed
1229813 #1229813 Feature: Add about, help buttons 6 Wishlist   6 Confirmed
1231542 #1231542 Create a diagnostic utility 6 Wishlist Tobin Davis  6 Confirmed
1330125 #1330125 Multi-partition SD card only partly copied. 3 High Tobin Davis  8 In Progress
1275512 #1275512 Shrink last sectors if possible to enable cloning 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
1210327 #1210327 Feature: Add verify function 6 Wishlist Tobin Davis  10 Fix Released
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