Image Writer for Windows

Image Writer 0.4 "2011 End of Year edition"

Catching up on all the submitted patches and rolling them in (after testing).

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Image Writer
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2011 End of Year edition
Tobin Davis
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3 Tobin Davis
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Whew, made it! Lots of bug fixes, and a few additional changes. I have tested this extensively on WindowsXP (VirtualBox) and Windows 7 (Home Starter on a netbook).

Testing involved:
1. write Ubuntu preinstalled image ( - uncompressed first) to a 4G/8G/16G SD card and testing the bootup on a omap4 Panda (
2. Formatting an 8G SD and filling it with files, and generating an MD5sum file on the SD, then reading it in Windows and loop mounting the resulting test-8G.img in Linux to recheck md5sums & file diff with temp copy.
3. Writing test-8G.img (above) to a 16G SD, mounting it, checking md5sums and comparing files with temp copy.

If you run into issues, please file a bug. I will try to be more responsive in the future.


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* Updated copyright info in source files
* Updated release info in README.txt
* Removed PATH from batch files. Assumes properly installed WinZIp, QT & MinGW (for building only).
* Automatically recognize usb devices addition/removal (removed "refresh" button)
* Enable/disable read and write buttons as appropriate (IE: don't enable them until there's a file and a device)
* Added support for devices/images >2G (LP:724102)
* Added ability to chose any file (*.*). Use with care. (LP:419868
* Added file parameter to the command line (LP: 380581)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
724102 #724102 8G CF card support 4 Medium Tobin Davis  10 Fix Released
380581 #380581 Image Writer should be able to take a filename as an argument 5 Low Tobin Davis  10 Fix Released
419868 #419868 Open files that don't end with .img 6 Wishlist Tobin Davis  10 Fix Released
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