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I used to run a lot of software through Wine (clever program that runs Windows apps on Linux), and I quickly noticed that there was no autoplay feature for Linux, which can make it difficult to run Windows software under Linux, especially for people who are new to Linux.

Because of this, I started Wine Autostart, which started off as a few small scripts, but has over time has gotten more features, and keeps getting much better with each new release. Wine Autostart aims to provide an easy, fast way of running Windows software under Linux, while also running unobtrusively in the system tray when not in use.

Wine Autostart aims to deliver a simple way to automatically run Windows software with the help of Wine.

It contains an indicator applet which starts on boot (you can change this) which can be used to control Wine Autostart, and check for updates.

The indicator has been tested to work with various desktop environments, including Unity, Gnome3, Gnome2/MATE, XFCE, and LXDE. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't work on KDE, because the menus don't display.

Thanks to Holly McIntyre-Bhatty, who created the icon.

For the latest news on Wine Autostart, and my other programs, see my blog at

If anyone wishes to contribute or suggest new features, please contact me. All contributions are welcome and appreciated.

I hope you enjoy using this program,
and you can check out my other packages at

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