Wine Autostart 2.0 is underway!

Written for Wine Autostart by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty on 2014-11-24

The next version of this program will be ready soon(ish)! Indeed, I've already started work on version 2.0, with the basic layout for the indicator done! Expect the program to be done by April 2015, and for another update by the end of the year!

UPDATE 19/1/2015:

So much for that update by the end of the year! I forgot, but I've got plenty to say now:

Wine Autostart 2.0 will include a redesgned GUI, the ability to check for updates online, without tracking your IP or any of that nonsense, a proper settings window, the ability to monitor more than one device at once, and improvements in speed, efficency and reliability. It should be pretty good, but I have lots of other work to do, so it may be a while before it's ready, but it'll probably still be done around April/May!


Updated on 2015-01-19.

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