Wine Autostart 2.0 Released!

Written for Wine Autostart by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty on 2015-05-05

Finally, after several months of development, Wine Autostart 2.0 is ready!

It's a much improved version, and it features the ability to monitor more than one CD/DVD drive at once, start on boot, check for updates, and it is easier to use than ever before, by far!

It runs much more quickly and efficently than previous releases, and way more reliably, and it can recover from errors more easily as well.

It is designed to be a super stable release, but if you run into errors, you may be able to work around them by restarting Wine Autostart using the indicator menus, and please report any problems so I can fix them quickly :)

Updated on 2015-08-28.

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