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merge-with-pro release from the trunk series released 2012-01-01

Release information
Release notes:

- Major new feature is the ability to create and modify databases on the fly, through the web interfaces. For this feature, it automaticaly use a new file format for creating databases, called data dictionary (datadict) and using files named dd.txt. Big thanks to Žiga Turk who gently given the code from
- Preliminary documentation available in package.
- HTMLArea javascript use the last version available (less bugs, more features...). This should be the last version with HTMLArea, as it is too old.
- Woda is more and more Perl 5.10 and Html4 compliant.
- Thanks to Malcolm and Claudio, new CSS and new icons are provided.
- Woda use a new split tool, there should be no error when using the splitted version, but...
- Packaging change in the hope it will be easier for end use...


- Rewrote TRANS and SPLIT tools
- NEW Hide "Modify structure" menu if database is a cgi.
- Remove last (forgot) do in and demo files
- Change printHead to printFrameHead in cgiAdmModifyFieldsForm & change Target from _parent to _self in printFrameHead
- FIX typo in forum cgi script (WBB instead of WBF)
- remove HTMLArea annoying popups
- guess the test/filename in all AdmModify* (move the filename code in admChangeDefinitionButton)
- remove unused lines with unused variables
- remove last $* call, and add multiline in htQuotes (should not be needed in evalTrouble)
- update path in install script
- let demos script skip "test" directory (malcolm)
- FIX some typos, add some comments
- FIX grave bug in AdmModifyStyle by using admChangeDefinitionButton() (AdmModifyStyle were transforming cgi files in dd.txt making them unusable)
- FIX url of dd.txt (add missing slash)
- FIX wrong "Predefined main menu layouts" link (removed it).
- better install script: Perl 5.10 compliant, get right version name, install more things, create test directory, update all paths, output more messages, ...
- NEW cgi files created in test directory are executable
- NEW install will setup db/use.cgi and db/dir.cgi to allow dd.txt database
- FIX default path in install script and sample databases
- FIX HTMLArea loading
- FIX load of CSS, icons and databases templates
- changes in woda.conf: log not printed by default, setup of $DATADIRDIR and $USEURL, hardcode $ENV{DOCUMENT_ROOT}, add $TESTCGIDIR, etc.
- FIX a bug with load of templates 'requireFile'
- NEW short how-tos about dd.txt databases and templates.
- FIX in install script: remove the call to "do" when it is associated with a function and it replaced $* = 1 with the /m switch in the regex (Malcolm).
- add short doc / howtos add Woda version in howtos, move them in appropriate directories
- add comments about unused functions formatTmpWinClose() formatTmpWinOpen()
- change release and install script to handle new functions and new structure
- change a bit the import form AdmImportForm (expected to be more friendly)
- FIX missing semicolon, thanks to perlTidy
- FIX Woda compatible with Perl 5.10
- translated some slovene comments, added a few ones about subs outputs
- FIX returned db's url in ddUseURL
- NEW add databases templates guestbook, news, people, link
- FIX text colors in WARN box
- NEW add flashy CSS template orange-green
- display USERFILE as "field's name" not "file" (change is in formatField)
- FIX when using ModiFySetting, all HOME and ADMIN MENU icons should target on _parent in cgiAdmModifySettingMenu change link to AdmModifyFieldsForm into AdmModifyFieldsFormToFrameX
- AdmModifySetting: increase size of input fields for formatName, sortUn, and sortNameUn, add comments
- in add multiline (/m) in regexp in recFromRow
- update HTMLArea to latest 3.0 version which fix bugs and translation
- Change the JS calls in prepareHtmlArea
- change HTMLAREA field configuration in wbFormFieldItems
- FIX help for HEADING param in admMeta,
- fix typos in cgiAdmPrintVars,
- add comments about other stemmers in wbStemWord,
- FIX regression delete unused variable $xtime (mistakenly created while merging with Malcolm's branch)
- NEW $PRINTLOG setting in woda.conf, add explanation about overriding settings
- printStyleSample print default Woda style if WBB{style} is undefined. Change related AdmMenu (see "Show current color scheme"/ cgiColorSchemeShow).
- FIX again the paintFoundRec bug in paintFoundRec
- print more styles in printStyleSample (no more tab matching)
- Reworked cgiAdmImportForm
- Add tab delimiter (\t) in admReadCSV
- Fix some validation bugs in recValidate:
  - fix error set on wrong field because of empty one in previous record
  - set error on field's name instead of field content to fix errors not shown because of style precedence in urls, emails, preformated
  - if a required field is empty, the error message is now more explicit
- Start to add a cgiUndo/recRestore function
- NEW add system error message in wbFail
- improve errors message in record deletion:
  - add a call to wbFail in recDelete and rewrite others
  - remove call to wbCheckIdPos in recDelete
  - remove unused error code in cgiDeleteIt (because recDelete doesn't return error message)
- improve password recovery: test if email is valid in cgiPassR1, put form in table in cgiPassR2
- NEW disguise email adress in sub cgiFriendsOnline
- FIX the Add button right in cgiChanged
- FIX "exotic" email matching in sub isEmail
- FIX a display bug in paintFoundRec, new problems found though (see comments).
- FIX table code in cgiAdmWodaStatus
- FIX page number in search results
- FIX regression re-add cgiAdmAgentProcessForm, accidentally removed in 4.610
- NEW preserve user name for goodbye in cgiLogin
- Translations: add missing #UK and remove some ; add a note about translations ; put some strings in variables.
- Database creation: extend textarea size in AdmModifySetting ; change sample manager email for in AdmCreateDatabase + same for default email ;
- More readable error message in AdmRebuild + fix number of fields ; Other minor changes
- FIX empty CHECKBOX: add a hidden field for better handling of CHECKBOX and MULTIPLE select fields (thanks to Claudio Rivetti);
- FIX unescaped \@
- FIX the long awaiting bug about the use of uppercase letters in urls part before the script, like:
- Comment out "no warning" (bug pointed by Richard W)
- Fix bug with $PERLV and Perl < perl 5.1 (bug pointed by Richard W)
- FIX bug #344788 Add charset and change mime type text/plain to something more appropriate in CSV and TAB export from Search (sub printSearchHttpHeader)
- FIX Change obsolete html tag XMP to PRE - then remove it! (sub formatFoundSeparators)
- update woda.conf: complete explanation for USEURL and CHECKCGI
- FIX remove/comment out hard coded ICONURL in cgiStyleDocsSample and wbError (fix bug 544316) ;
- cosmetic changes in Woda presentation at top of the script
- WBB{*,help} was documented for templates but not used. Little changes in admMetaInput to handle it. Now, print help above setting when modifying a db.
- little improvements in admMa, admMeta, formatBaseDocs and formatFldDocs for ModifySettings page formatting. Better link on setting name.
- FIX evalTrouble to allow multiline strip and s/something//
- NEW "malcolm-blue" CSS style
- remove unecessary sort in cgiStructureDocs
- add default field type in ddReadTemplateDoc
- FIX help URL in sub wbHelpSearch
- lower case html, quotes, rights and uniformity in all demos files
- makes all demo files but "forum" compliant with evalTrouble
- FIX evalTrouble to allow parameters in UPPER functions (add punctuation pattern - limited to comma)
- NEW add 2 sets of icons (Malcolm and Claudio)
- FIX cgi/woda/demos will not find hello script, *~ and html files ; html is lower case
- FIX defaut is to deny NewTable in demos file
- change WodaHelpUrl
- NEW $CHECKCGI setting in woda.conf
- update/write comments for description of dd* functions
- FIX default perl path and woda path in provided samples and utilities
- FIX HTMLArea CSS url use $WODAURL instead of $ICONURL
- FIX an html bug in BrowseTree: incorrect numbering of nested lists with some browsers, mainly KHTML based, because of empty "ol" elements ; and make html code more readable by adding some spaces.
- add doc/possible sex for tracking format of search expressions (will be removed later)
- invert comments for $PERLV
- FIX remove unused backslash in qq()
- FIX better fix for #455483
- FIX the bug for extractapi by adding a space character (\s*) in regexp. This bug was just depending on formating rules!
- FIX location of Help page is now
- code comments - update description of perl API functions
- code comments - add an explanation in cgiColorSchemeShow
- code comments - add reference to some bug reports #446411
- improve user esperience in AdmManyDelForm: more rows and add a link to open Basket
- FIX missing quotes in one target=woda-basket
- FIX typo in comments
- FIX url for a field in sample database people
- FIX error message when search for +foo:bar and foo is not a field name: remove the "+" in suggestion
- FIX searchCache (add missing quotes in WBB{searchCache}
- NEW managerEmail is allways obfuscated for spam botss (use &formatMailto everywhere)
- FIX the mess with basket window bybadding a target (sometimes basket was opening in _self)
- NEW function formatOpenWinJavaScript, useful for small windows popup
- FIX databases default encoding is ISO-8859-1 (but still using UTF8 for the file)
  FIX disguise email adress of Woda language author
- FIX use $WodaHomeUrl everywhere instead of hardcoding url
- FIX AdmDebug fetch $WodaHepUrl instead of harcoded one
- FIX security hole (Claudio Rivetti) bug #455483
- FIX bug #452160 in sub evalTrouble (which evaluates perl expressions): allow escaped single quotes, allow html code
- FIX cache not updated for U(n) sort formats with n greater than 3 (introduce in 4.610) in cgiAdmReindex
- FIX bug #455291 to allow UPPER function calls with params
- code comment - Add comment about mandatory setting in sub admMeta
- FIX documentation of fields settings: reference to in requireFile documentation (was - doc of field,option value: it is now string or constant instead of constant - doc about sort formats, now they are nine instead of three, since 4.610
- FIX form to create default field value ('d'): textarea instead of input, otherwise one can't type perl expressions.
- FIX bug #455287 to disallow forced evaluation of string started with empty qq() in sub evalTrouble:
- FIX problem with form datas in agent subscription
- update FILETYPES in woda.conf
- remove SENDMAIL flags in woda.conf
- more settings in woda.conf
- FIX missing require line in perl output from cgiAdmSaveDataDict
- write a short tutorial on database creation through the web interface (in doc/creating web db.txt), update templates how to,
- FIX in db/dir and db/use (template => structureTemplate)
- code comment
- add comments in files used for db creation on the fly
- typos, typos, typos and missing quotes, and typos, and #UK, and typos, etc.
- add a lot of comments in code in various places, mainly description of functions
- add documentation about ddUseURL
- start to document the new features
- remove final end of lines in calls to wbFail,
- FIX little perl warnings and typos add missing quotes for WBB in cgiStyles*
- remove an isolated ";" in mainPathInfo
- remove cgiAdmPrintSubs (dangerous and need some work)
- FIX unconditional check in sub evalTrouble for security fix
- change last multiline (delete $* and add m in regexp) for Perl 5.10 compatibility
- NEW change tgz package directories structure
- NEW add color in log in printed log file for FA (fatal error) and ER (fail) in sub admLogShow
- FIX an incorrect error message in cgiAdmClose
- FIX ERROR for bad search expression printed red on red by changing class from ERROR to ERRBOX in sub evalSafe. Checked all class="ERROR" in for this bug. Should be OK.
- FIX various "require" and "do" in sub mainConfig, cgiAdmPrintCGIAPI, cgiAdmPrintPerlAPI and others
- update Ziga's code to Perl 5.10 and HTML4 compliance: remove "do" statements, quote WBB, make uniform calls to print with qq(), delete and add a lot of #UK, lowercase html, quote html attributes, fix typos, add comments above new sub functions and cgis.

===changes from Žiga Turk:===
- add new functions and cgis for creating or modifying databases on the web (rent-a-db functionalities) either on the fly, from CSV import or based upon templates.
  New functions are: sub ddSave, sub ddLoad, sub ddLoadTemplates, sub templateLoad, sub ddTemplatesGet, sub ddModifyEnd, sub ddUseURL, sub admSetWBFFromData, sub ddReadTemplateDoc.
  New cgis are: cgiAdmSaveDataDict, cgiAdmCreateDD, cgiAdmModifyStructureUndo, cgiAdmModifyStyleForm, cgiAdmModifyStyle, cgiIconDocs, cgiNewTableForm, cgiNewTable, cgiStyleDocs, cgiStyleDocsList, cgiStyleDocsSample, cgiStructureDocs, cgiNewTableMenu
- add call to ddModifyEnd in sub ddModify
- restrict perl code authorized in searches and data dictionares (dd.txt files) with a white list in sub evalTrouble
- add support for data dictionary in sub admChangeDefinitionButton
- add variables from "pro" version in cgiAdmPrintVars
- add support for DDTYPE variable in cgiAdmModifySetting
- add Table styles link in cgiAdmModifySettingMenu
- add call to cgiAdmCreateDD in sub cgiAdmApplyPageTemplate
- update cgiAdmMenu with links for creating new databases
- add support for db templates and data dictionaries in sub wbTables
- add support to DATADICT in sub wbExpiredDD
- add support for databases templates and data dictionaries in sub mainPathInfo
- add the possibility to set Home at server root in sub mainCmdline. See also Bug report #446411
- support virtual servers for each table like http://[www).]databaseid.domain/Search in sub mainCmdline
- add special ICONURL if wodad http server is used. WARNING: the url is hard coded (
- add Trap to allways allowed pages (list is now ^Trap$|^Login$|^LoginForm$|^LoginOrRegister$|^$|^AboutUser$)
- add default option "-odd" for SENDMAIL, now all lookups are deferred

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download icon woda-en-4-630.tgz (md5) Woda release 4.630 16
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon woda-en-4-620.tgz (md5) Woda release 4.620 49
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
Total downloads: 65

security-fix release from the 4.610 series released 2010-08-25

Release information
Release notes:

This version fix a very dangerous security bug (many thanks to Claudio Rivetti) and known issues from 4.610:

Default charset is back to iso-8859-1 - we don't recommend the use of utf8.
Checkbox fields can be made empty (Claudio Rivetti)
The 9 sort format are now properly handled
Report correct Perl version number (Richard Wolfschlegel).
Help url updated.
Various small fixes

Malcolm Fitzgerald and Xavier Brochard.


This version fix a very dangerous security bug and known issues from 4.610

== changes since Woda 4.610 ==

- Fix bug 455483: an important security bug by enclosing search string in double quotes in wbParseSearch (Claudio Rivetti)
- Fix bug 613352: multiple call to wbDo add require instead of nothing (was do) in sub wbDo.
- Fix default $WBB{'intlCharset'} to ISO-8859-1 instead of UTf-8
- Fix update of cache for sort formats U4 ... U9 in cgiAdmReindex
- Fix Nine Sort format (U1...U9) instead of three in AdmModifySetting
- Fix bug 591401: deletion of CHECKBOX and MULTIPLE select fields by adding a hidden field (Claudio Rivetti)
- Fix Perl version numbering (Richard Wolfschlegel)
- Fix url to AgentAddForm with call to htEscape
- Fix Trap page is allways allowed in sub wbDenied (Ziga Turk)
- Fix Help url to
- Fix ERROR for bad search expression printed red on red by changing class from ERROR to ERRBOX in sub evalSafe
- Fix incorrect error message in sub cgiAdmClose
- comment out no warning in header - make less trouble (Richard Wolfschlegel)
- restore call of with "do" in cgiAdmPrintCGIAPI and cgiAdmPrintPerlAPI
- add missing
- change comment above sub mainConfig for better help extraction
- increase recommended line length for perltidy

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download icon woda-4.611.tgz (md5) woda 4.611 73
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Total downloads: 73

free-software-again release from the 4.610 series released 2009-10-04

Release information
Release notes:

WODA 4.610 RELEASE NOTES 04/10/2009

This is mainly a bug fix release. Changes can be considered as fixes.


- Thanks to Ziga Turk! He has gently gived the whole Woda's code to the users community (next release will contain missing parts).
- New license is GNU Affero GPL 3.
  Basicaly : as Woda is a web app, the AGPL force devs to share their code if the db is on the web.
  See for more explanations
- WODA home changed to
- Public development and bug tracking using launchpad service.
  Check the bazaar source tree at and start hacking.


- Moving toward Perl 5.10 compatibility, incomplete. See bug #342308 for explanations.
- remo...


CHANGELOG Woda 4.610 - 04/10/2009

The changelog below was tagged for your reading pleasure!
It comes directly from our version control software (Bazaar), its size reflects only developers habits (xavier made a lot of commits while malcolm is more synthetic). The whole changelog, linked with changes, can be found at

Tags for sorted fix and changes:
510 Perl 5.10
COD Code
GPL Free software
I18N Internationalisation
FIX unsorted fix
ADM Admin exp
USE User exp
DOC Documentation
SEC Security
TYP Typo
DB Change in DB handling or db config
HTML following W3C recomendations for html

== changes since Woda 4.603 ==

Ziga (4.604 to 4.608):
HTML default doctype setting is a comment not to break any old page designs, documentation updated.
HTML fix: table row bug which only occurs when password is set to none
ADM cgiAdmMenu shows normal menu as well
ADM fix: lastid file is no more removed by cgiAdmClean
USE search history in _friend is not maintained if a user is _anon (change in wbSearchHistoryAdd)
ADM fix: $WBB{searchCache} properly taken into account in QRY
COD typo in a comment
ADM new: cgiAdmLogfilePrint read the robot log file
ADM fix admLogCount count also urls like Show?1234 (was counting only Show?id=1234)
ADM change admLogCount ignores robot accesses if IP is in _log/robots
ADM fix in sub recSelect $WBB{searchCache} properly taken into account
ADM minor change in wbDirClean
ADM log sendmail in sendMailProg
USE fix in cgiFullTextSearch
USE improve cgiAdmIndexPDF: now pdf is converted to html and then indexed.

Xavier (4.610):
510 delete 3 unecessary semicolons and add 2 missing ones, remove 7 tabs in text or patterns. Thanks to
510 one more tab removed, 2 semicolon added. Credit goes to perltidy!
COD removed top commentary (changelogs and so on...)
GPL added launchpad url and free software mention
I18N added #UK on icon file in cgiAboutUser
FIX remove target= in sub printHead
GPL add copyright holders: MF and XB and other named contributors
COD move malcolm's comments above sub & add some comments
510 format the code using
I18N make sure it is utf8
I18N default $WBB{'intlCharset'} change to UTF-8
COD unified the push codes in sub formatHomeMenu
DOC explain that $WBB{'robots'} is obsolete since 4.956
USE icon for saved searches change to save.gif (was edit.gif)
510 add quotes in Search history, saved searches and BasketShow html tags
I18N typos and UK
USE complete the help in cgiPassR1
I18N add UK in cgiSimilarBasket and cgiSimilarShow
USE reintroduce DisplayStructure in setShowToolbar
I18N UK in cgiStore
I18N UK in cgiBrowseMatrixList
I18N change default $WBB{'intlCharset'} to UTF-8 in printXmlHead
I18N UK in wbBadPass
SEC security: DisplayStructure only if allowed, in wbForm
TODO same in setShowToolbar (called by cgiShow)
USE keep value in _password field if new record, in wbForm (for the ones using verifyEdits)
FIX fix empty value for table alias in wbTables, corect some typos in c
USE cosmetic: space after "Tip:" and "More:" in wbSearchForm
TYP typo in wbTmpClean
I18N remove UK in printAZaz
USE better confirmation email send by cgiAgentSave
TYP typo in admUploadUserfilesForm
DOC fix automatic link to manual on word "manual" in doc in sub formatBaseDocs
TYP sub formatBaseDocs some typos
TYP various typos in admMeta
DOC add doc about $phi, pageHeadIcon in admMeta
DOC + robots & adFile: This setting is no more implemented.
DOC + tree & treesplit: WARNING: this tag is not obsolete, but it is no
DOC - change wodadata to wdat in samples
DOC - intlLower: correct the sample provided with intlLower (&#201;&#20
TYP - various typos
I18N add UK in printBasket
FIX in cgiAdmHelpSecurity "<<" changed to "&lt;&lt;"
TYP typos
USE update instructions& urls in cgiOffice
510 Comment out call to sub htParseMulti with $* parameter. Obsolete in Perl 5.10. Need to change regexp in htParseMulti
510 Add /m in regexp in htParseSimple for multiline matching. Should be ok, because htParseSimple is called only by htParseMulti
TODO: checked against woda-max-pro
510 change: htParseMulti does only multiline for Perl 5.10 compatibility (add /m in regexp)
510 change multiline in FETCH (Perl 5.10 compatiblity)
510 in formatHtm2Txt: remove $* for multiline matching ($* no more exists in Perl 5.10), quickly replaced by /m in regexp
TODO check the regexp
510 multiline matching in cgiHtml (add /m in regexp) for Perl 5.10 compatibility
USE in officeRegistration $WBB{'category'} changed to $WBB{'officeCategory'}
DB enhanced cgiBrowseKeywords: print HEADING of OPTION fields, combined with key/label printing from Malcolm
DB enhanced cgiBrowseContents: print HEADING of OPTION fields, combined with key/label printing from Malcolm
DB fix use of HEADING in wbFormFieldItems
DB now BrowseTree handle HEADING values! changes in printTree
DB update documentation about HEADING in admMeta: HEADING can be 1 to 5 characters
COD add a comment above sub formatColumns
COD Duplicated code commented out in formatFoundRec. Looks like something is missing (forgotten feature ? :-)
COD in formatHtm2Txt add comment about cgiAdmAgentProcess
I18N add UK in wbFail
HTML lower case all html in wbFormFieldItems (used by cgiEdit...)
ADM fix multiple files upload in sub htParseMulti: bad use of \1 (perl is not sed) replaced with $1
ADM update the path in woda.conf by added a slash (/) before wdat in DATADIRDIR and removed the final slash of DOCUMENT_ROOT
HTML change the order of alt and title in img tag in formatHomeMenu (w3c recommendation)
ADM Fix fields merging recFromVector while importing CSV datas:
 import only non-empty fields i.e. blank fields doesn't erase data.
 Can be read "empty fields are not imported" or "actual non-empty fields are not overwrited by imported empty fields"
 depending if you consider this a bug or not.
FIX when editing in frames, Changed is displayed in _top window. Add TARGET="_self" in form in cgiEditForm
USE in AdvancedSearchForm the max field is too small (SIZE=3). Change the size to 8 in sub wbAdvancedSearchForm
FIX Fix missing target frame. $TargetDefault = 'target="_parent"'; in sub printFrameHead
510 remove some do statement (searched with do wb*)
I18N add UK in cgiReindex
TYP and fix some typos in comments
FIX fix a bug in recSelect (undef $fgepPatt; -> undef $fgrepPatt;)
COD in sub exportService (cgiXmlApi cgiHtmlApi): add comments about exportService, fix few typos.
COD add comment about using perltidy for formatting
GPL Little changes: remove "no right to",
USE better message for high load + add UK,
HTML fix html code for table in cgiAdmRegisteredPrint, set version to 4.610,
510 uncomment the call to htParseMulti(),
COD add comments and fix typos
510 remove some tabulations to help code editors (perltidy warnings) and run perltidy -l=150
GPL Updated license and copyright in main file and in license.txt. Basic free license temporarily defined.
USE fix path to demos in readme.txt and add
HTML minor changes: delete unecessary semicolon in CSS,
DOC complete explanation about obsolete robot setting, typo.
510 removed the last 'do' statements
510 add last missing quotes in hash
FIX fix: print h join( /\n/, @rows ); change to print h join( "\n", @rows );
HTML fix: printing of TABLE format in formatFoundSeparators (\n was out of string)
FIX fix missing quotes around admin in the run routine. Thanks to Malcolm Fitzgerald
USE fix: add target=_self in urls for showing / hiding help in cgiEditForm (in wbForm). This is used when you edit a ecord in a frame.
HTML fix: quotes all "target=something", remove some double quotes
USE fix BrowseRingToolbar not handling sort
I18N fix: missing UK in sub cgiLogin,
USE in sub cgiLogin reorder the output
USE fix: regression in cgiLogin: MF changes hide the group if a group field is setup in another table, fix some typos,
 improve the login and logout messages, and add comments
USE changes in cgiLogin: temporaly removed informations about user because of 1) too much informations and links
 in the login page and 2) redundancy with Home
COD add few comments about the bug in loginRecord
USE fix loginRecord if usertable contains field "group"
TODO code factoring with formatLoginRecordLink
USE display "Logout" in cgiHome instead of "Login or Register" if user logged in
510 remove a $* in FETCH (obsolete in Perl 5.10)
GPL Make Woda free software under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later - see license.txt for explanation.
 Add the text of the GNU AGPL in the "COPYING" (as usual with GNU).
USE Fix typos in readme.txt
HTML better html code lisibility in printFoot: line return around /div and "closing div for CORE" comment
HTML add closing </tr> in toolbar table, lowercase html elements
DOC enforce description of myRecVerify, which can be used to validate a record, in admMeta
HTML quote some html attributes in cgiAdmAgentProcessForm
COD + code is now exactly the same in 13848 sqq ( in cgiAdmAgentProcessForm) and in 14027 sqq (in cgiAdmAgentProcess)
USE Increase the size of the days field in AdvancedSearchForm (it is 8 now, as in the max field)
ADM put "heading="xxxxx" in uppercase in admMeta
ADM add \b to manual in formatFldDocs to match the limit of the "manual" word - document this in formatBaseDocs & in formatFldDocs
ADM in AdmModifySetting: change size of field for grepBigger, onExpire, pageTemplate
DB add basketExpire setting (sub readBasket), this setting was 'currently not implemented' for years ; update documentation

Malcolm (4.610)
510 remove 'do' statements
510 enforce quoting for WBB and WBF variables
510 enforce quoting for ENV variables
510 enforce quoting for CGI variables
COD add comments to all subroutines
ADM add cgiAdmPrintSubs, a quick and easy way to list subs and see what they do
510 introduce strict pragma
510 more quoting of barewords
HTML Moving toward HTML4/XHTML compliance. Incomplete.
 The main tasks are matching tag pairs, quoted tag attribute values and lowercase tags.
USE Fixes bug #342973: Formdata in link to AgentAddForm missing in cgiSearch.
I18N Add #UK markers to many English language strings. Incomplete.
HTML Added frameset doctype to all framesets.
DOC Made many small fixes around admMeta, admMetaXXX and admPrintXXX functions.
510 Fixes bug #344801: adds extra test for perl version using $^V
USE fix: add ringField description
USE sub mainPathInfo # fix: encode the ampersand when using login via URL
ADM sub mainPathInfo # changed: recognise some HTTPS servers
USE sub formatHomeMenu # fix: scope of variables in Index, especially $id, hide "view login record" when it doesn't exist
ADM cgiHome # fix: now uses WBB{"title;Home"}
USE cgiLogin # fix: ensure icon matches user status on logout
USE cgiLogin # fix: change $clean = 0 (assignment) to $clean == 0 (equivalence test)
USE cgiLogin # change: say hello or goodbye
USE cgiLogin # change: new text for logged in users - xb: improve the rendering
USE cgiLogin # change: don't show groupname when it is the same as user name
USE cgiLogin # change: logged out users need different information
USE cgiLogin # change: don't send out password with _login
USE cgiSearch #fix: Search uses ENV{QUERY_STRING} but when HOMEPAGEFORMAT sets CGI it doesn't pass them via the URL
USE cgiSearch # corrects reference to $first[$j] (was @first[$j])
ADM cgiAdmManySetForm # fix: remembers value of CGI{search}
ADM cgiAdmStoreMany # fix: stores date fields properly - Richard Wohlschlegel spotted this
USE sub wbSetOwner # fix: Now recognises ownerGroup
USE sub setShowToolbar fix: toolbar buttons were displaying wrong @hlps values
I18N sub setShowToolbar # added UK text for "delete password" buttons
HTML sub wbForm # fix: table row bug which only occurs when password is set to none
USE sub wbForm #change: if lock is user or lock is group, don't need to show user or group
USE sub wbFormFieldItems ## fix: only adds default values to empty fields if no _id exists - Thanks to Claudio Rivetti for this fix
USE sub wbFormFieldItems ## changed (like Browse functions) to handle option field labels in a nicer way
USE sub wbTables #fix: correctly handles groups used in the URL
I18N sub cgiAdmModifySetting # fix: helpOff and helpOn should be accessible to translation
USE sub cgiAdmModifySetting # changed: helpOff and helpOn to nicer words
USE sub cgiAdmModifySetting # changed: displaying text as buttonsAgentAddForm
ADM cgiAdmClean # fix: protect LAST ID from admin's daily routine - last ID is too important to be wiped out by admin.
FIX sub wbBackupData #fix: change local to my
USE sub formatHomeData # change: allow user to pass text to label found set
USE sub cgiBrowseMatrix Many OPTION fields use key/label pairs - makes human readable display
USE sub cgiBrowseMatrix ## change: when count is on - only display icon if hits occur
USE sub cgiBrowseKeywords Many OPTION fields use key/label pairs - makes human readable display
USE sub cgiBrowseContents Many OPTION fields use key/label pairs - makes human readable display
USE sub cgiBrowseRingToolbar # fix : change @ to $
ADM sub cgiAdmAgentProcessForm # fixed variables typo bug - thanks to Richard Wohlschlegel
ADM sub cgiAdmStatistics # fixed record count
DOC sub admMeta #change: increased number of sorts to 9 & formats to 99
DOC sub admMeta # fixed: spelling errors in text #change: increase sort to 9 & format to 99
SEC sub cgiLoginForm # fix : Login form should not offer users a chance to login when it has been explicitly denied
SEC sub cgiLoginForm # changed: guests do not need information
HTML sub printFoot # fixed: missing end quote in HTML tag which caused code spills onto page, was alt=", is now alt=""
SEC sub printFoot # fixed: apply group security to WBB{toolbar} items
USE sub printFoot # changed: LOGIN or LOGOUT display for login/logout button
FIX sub printFoot # changed: page count reporting because of 404 error
ADM sub cgiAdmImport #fix; wbDatabaseChanged now called once! not with every record.
ADM sub cgiAdmImport # change, will not do wbRecordChanged unless told too
ADM sub cgiAdmImportForm # change: adds CGI{doOnRecordChange}(confirm commands in WBB{afterRecordmodify})

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