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Ralph Meijer
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Release notes 

The highlights:

  * Protocol support for Publish-Subscribe subscription options,
    subscription identifiers and node configuration options.

  * Enhancements to Data Forms support for easier creation of forms to be
    submitted, and (type) verification of forms that are received.

  * A twistd plugin for running a basic XMPP server which accepts
    server-side components connections and provides server-to-server
    (dialback) connectivity.

  * Support for the Delayed Delivery data format.

  * Client-side support for Multi-User Chat, including a simple example.

Besides those new features, various bugs have been resolved and test
coverage has been significantly improved. This release drops support for
Twisted versions before 10.0.0.


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 - Added method wokkel.data_form.Form.typeCheck for type checking incoming Data
   Forms submissions against field definitions.
 - Added method wokkel.data_form.Form.makeFields to add fields from a
   dictionary mapping field names to values.
 - Added public function wokkel.data_form.findForm for extracting Data Forms
   from stanzas.
 - PubSubRequest.options is now a wokkel.data_form.Form.
 - wokkel.data_form.Form can now be used as a read-only dictionary.
 - Added support for configuration options in Publish-Subscribe node create
 - Added support for subscription options in Publish-Subscribe subscribe
   requests (#63).
 - Added support for Publish Subscribe subscription identifiers.
 - wokkel.pubsub.Item can now be used to send out notifications, too.
 - Added a twistd plugin to set up a basic XMPP server that accepts component
   connections and provides server-to-server (dialback) connectivity.
 - Added support for managing affiliations of Publish-Subscribe nodes,
 - Added iq request (set/get) tracking to StreamManager and provide a new base
   class for such requests: wokkel.generic.Request. Unlike
   twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.IQ, Such requests can be queued
   until the connection is initialized, with timeouts running from the moment
   `request` was called (instead of when it was sent over the wire).
 - Added support for Delayed Delivery information formats.
 - Added support for XMPP Multi-User Chat, client side (#24).


 - XMPP Ping handler now marks incoming ping requests as handled, so the
   FallbackHandler doesn't respond, too. (#66)
 - Incorporate Twisted changes for component password hashes.
 - Completed test coverage for Data Forms.
 - Made sure Data Forms field labels don't get overwritten (#60).
 - Service Discovery identity is now reported correctly for legacy
   PubSubService use (#64).
 - Various smaller Service Discovery fixes for PubSubService.
 - Completed test coverage for Service Discovery support.
 - Publish Subscribe events with stanza type error are now ignored (#69).
 - Publish Subscribe requests with multiple 'verbs' are now properly parsed
 - Publish Subscribe requests that have no legacy support in PubSubService will
   now result in a feature-not-implemented error (#70).
 - Publish Subscribe subscription elements now have the correct namespace when
   sent out.
 - Incorporated Twisted changes for passing on a reason Failure upon stream
 - Fixed race condition and nesting issues when adding subprotocol handlers to
   their StreamManager (#48).
 - Reimplemented Service Discovery requests using new Request class. By reusing
   common code, this fixes a problem with requests without addressing (#73).


 - wokkel.compat.BootstrapMixin is deprecated in favor of
   twisted.words.xish.xmlstream.BootstrapMixin (Twisted 8.2.0).
 - wokkel.compat.XmlStreamServerFactory is deprecated in favor of
   twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.XmlStreamServerFactory (Twisted
 - wokkel.iwokkel.IXMPPHandler is deprecated in favor of
   twisted.words.protocols.jabber.ijabber.IXMPPHandler (Twisted 8.1.0).
 - wokkel.iwokkel.IXMPPHandlerCollection is deprecated in favor of
   twisted.words.protocols.jabber.ijabber.IXMPPHandlerCollection (Twisted
 - wokkel.subprotocols.XMPPHandlerCollection is deprecated in favor of
   twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.XMPPHandlerCollection (Twisted

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