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Workcraft is a cross-platform toolset for capture, simulation, synthesis and verification of graph models. It supports a wide range of popular graph formalisms and provides a plugin-based framework for modelling and analysis of new model types.

A large number of models that are employed in the field of concurrent systems design, such as Petri nets, gate-level circuits, dataflow structures, etc. - all have an underlying static graph structure. Their semantics, however, is defined using additional entities, e.g. tokens or node/arc states, which in turn form the overall state of the system. We jointly refer to such formalisms as interpreted graph models.

The similarities between the interpreted graph models allow for links between different formalisms to be created, either by means of adapter interfaces or by conversion from one model type into another. This greatly extends the range of applicable modelling and analysis techniques.

Workcraft is designed to provide a flexible common framework for development of interpreted graph models, including visual editing, (co)simulation and analysis. The latter can be carried out either directly or by mapping a model into a behaviourally equivalent model of a different type (usually a Petri net). Hence the user can design a system using the most appropriate formalism (or even different formalisms for the subsystems), while still utilising the power of Petri net analysis techniques.

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