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A Tactical Realtime MMO using historical tank warfare.

Goals of World of Tactics:
To create an exclusive title for Ubuntu phone and Desktop.
  No resources will be put into making this available for Android, Rim, IOS, Windows Mobile, or any others. A goal of this project is to help Ubuntu become an attractive platform by promoting exclusive features.

To create a fun game, with an interesting story concept.
  To achieve this, parts of the code will remain closed source, particularly dealing with story, official content and statistics, and security of player accounts, etc. To aid this endeavour, There will be an official Canon headed by myself

To create a competetive multiplayer game with RPG elements.
  A good amount of resources will be focussed on maintaining player statistics, and offering achievables and trophies as bragging rights. Collectables will be actively developed, such as skins, avatars, etc. Fun little player defining paramaters will also be added; for example, giving a player an account where he can define his country of origin, thus being able to play with a bit of patriotism. Other examples would be things such as whether the player was involved in Beta testing or not. There will be some grinding, but the benefits will be less determinant of a good player than traditional games.

To generate revenue, absent of: ad based revenue, pay to win, and trialware.
 Trialware, Ads, and Pay to Win are the bane to a games existence; Especially obnoxious on mobile platforms. Linux has had a lot of appeal in part because nearly the entirety of its software library has always been 1: Full Versions, eliminating the need for demoware and the like, and 2: Absent of annoying spyware, ads, and the like. Like any project, we will have our expenses, and will need to generate revenue. With this project, I think we can add content you can purchase which will not be game enhancing per se, but rather will just be a means to customize your account.

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