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phoenix series Focus of Development
Latest milestones: 0.8.8888     Latest releases: 0.8.8888
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

 * full refactoring (breaking backward compatibility)
 * supporting (dynamic) shared libraries
 * stable release of applications: WOSH Shell
 * full review of (q)make configuration (project) files

wolf series Active Development
Latest milestones: 0.8.674, 0.8.558, 0.8.527, 0.8.501     Latest releases: 0.8.711
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

This series will improve security and stability.

Unofficial road-map:
 * License, Documentation revision
 * MethodArguments, validation, Method binding review
 * URI (Interface expression)
 * Security and Permission(s)
 * Enum type
 * Remote logging [UDP LogHandler, binding, local client]
 * DataBase/Serialization, Persistence
 * Method binding review
 * Task Manager service
 * Profiling update and memory (de)allocation review

qed series Future
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

Q.E.D. is an acronym of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which means "that which was to be demonstrated".

RoadMap of WOSH QED (1.x)

 * Plugins (dynamic loading)
 * Broker (standard location independed interface to objects/bundles)
 * Integrated Man system

icarus series Current Stable Release
Latest milestones: 0.8.485, 0.8.462, 0.8.384, 0.8.378, 0.8.161, 0.8.101, 0.8.013     Latest releases: 0.8.485, 0.8.462, 0.8.407, 0.8.384, 0.8.378, 0.8.161, 0.8.101, 0.8.013
Bugs targeted: 1 Fix Committed
Blueprints targeted: 1 Started

WOSH icarus [release 0.8.xx] is a totally new milestone.
   Kernel, core services and framework have been revisited;
   in short: more stability (allocations, threading and timeouts,
   logging, sate machines), performance (Variant updated,
   less implicit deep-copy), scalability (macros, clear interfaces),
   DRY paradigm (lot of code has been redesigned),
   standardization (such as containers 'using' STL calls),
   library architecture (static initializaition and dynamic allocation),
   networking (now supports more libraries), persistence (still work in progress).

faust series Future
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

RoadMap of WOSH faust (2.x)

 * AI
 * Data Mining

byron series Obsolete
Latest milestones: 0.6.320     Latest releases: 0.6.320
Blueprints targeted: None

Last stable release before ICARUS series.

16 of 6 results