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Plugin to analyze queries made by WordPress and its plugins

Almost every developer knowns that the poor performance in many cases is due to poorly designed database or SQL queries (for example, when the table does not have indices that the query can use or when the query uses unnecessary performance killers such as ORDER BY/GROUP BY).

WordPress can provide only the list of the queries and the developer has to manually run every query and analyze it. Very boring, isn't it? SQLMon tries to help the developers and analyzes the query itself, reporting everything that needs attention.

Every query passed to WordPress is analyzed (using EXPLAIN) and the results are shown in the theme's footer or Admin panel's footer (they are visible to site administrators only — this allows to use SQLMon even on live sites).

One of the key features of SQLMon is that it can run EXPLAIN not only on SELECT queries but also on UPDATE/DELETE and INSERT/REPLACE INTO … AS or CREATE TABLE … AS.

The plugin is perfect for WordPress developers, plugin and theme authors and site administrators who are trying to find out why the blog is too slow.

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