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This project aims to provide a very easy, safe way to fix the bootloader on any Linux system. It has a simple, intuitive GUI which offers warnings and advice where necessary, and it supports lilo, elilo and grub2. WxFixBoot is written in wxPython.

WxFixBoot can modify and fix bootloaders, as well as backing up and restoring your bootloader, and it can also check your filesystems for you. It works on both Fedora and Ubuntu-based operating systems, but can be run from others, for example Parted Magic.

Note that WxFixBoot doesn't support the Apple (R) or Microsoft Windows (R) bootloaders, which can be fixed using the tools from Apple and Microsoft.

It also supports multiple Operating Systems; it can be run from on OS, and modify the bootloader on another, allowing you to make an unbootable OS bootable again. It can also be run from a live disk (like Parted Magic), and it can modify the bootloaders on all installed operating systems (including the current running OS) if necessary, provided that they are Fedora/Ubuntu-based distributions. It's probably one of the most powerful and versatile tools of its kind. It also aims to be fast. Very fast. This means it minimizes downtime for any system using it, and reduces the (normally extreme!) hassle of fixing a bootloader as much as possible. It also comes by default with Parted Magic (R) in version 2014_11_19 or newer.

Thanks to Bhuna ( for creating the icon and splash image.

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