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X2Go is an open source terminal server project using parts of the NX libraries.

It offers a PXE bootenvironment including a Display Manager Mode, but also Desktop Clients for different operating systems.

X2Go is low-bandwith capable and offers a Browser Plugin as an alternative for the installed clients. X2Go provides access to the display, files, print jobs and sound of the remote computer using linux native protocols. It is possible to suspend sessions and to resume them on other devices.

For authentication methods, you can use PAM modules and OpenPGP SmartCards. The project is used and supported by Linux4Afrika and Skolelinux. The project's architecture is modular and can be installed with a tiny footprint and almost no configuration. It is suitable for accessing virtual machines or for providing an IT support solution to your network's users. Fully installed, X2Go can offer load balancing and fail back features via a session broker.

This is the developers' Launchpad account of the open source terminal server project "X2Go".

Please visit our hompegage for further information [1].

Please use our mailing lists or IRC [2] to contact the upsream development team and/or the X2Go user community.

Please visit our wiki if you look for advanced documentation [3].

This account is used to build Ubuntu compatible X2Go packages which are offered via PPAs.


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