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A suite of light-weight libraries to work with XML in Fortran.

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 Development of xmlf90 has moved to the Gitlab platform;

Updates and new releases will be made ONLY in Gitlab.

xmlf90 is a suite of libraries to handle XML in Fortran. It has two
major components:

- A XML parsing library. The parser was designed to be a useful
tool in the extraction and analysis of data in the context of
scientific computing, and thus the priorities were efficiency and the
ability to deal with very large XML files while maintaining a small
memory footprint. The most complete programming interface is
based on the very successful SAX (Simple API for XML) model,
although a partial DOM interface and a very experimental XPATH interface
are also present.

- A library (xmlf90-wxml) that facilitates the writing of well-formed
XML, including such features as automatic start-tag completion,
attribute pretty-printing, and element indentation. There are also
helper routines to handle the output of numerical arrays.

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