xnoise v0.2.13 released

Written for xnoise by shuerhaaken on 2012-10-29

xnoise media player v0.2.13 and it's plugins are released.

See the video on youtube:

News and Fixes
  * Add new Album Art view with search
  * New Xnoise Icon (icon by Reda Lazri)
  * Recreated 'Now Playing' image rendering with reflections
  * Add weblink to keyboard shortcuts in help menu
  * Add Ctr-B keybinding for toggling album art view
  * Use symbolic icon in volume slider
  * Implement MPRIS 2 seek
  * Mingw compatibility fixes
  * Enable support for more media types
  * Update translations
  * Bug fixes

You can download the new version here:

Ubuntu ppa (build pending):

Thanks to helpers, bug reporters and translators!

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