XorgParser 0.3.5

Improved validator, Code cleanup

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Alberto Milone
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  [ Alberto Milone ]
  * remove Replaces from the debian/control
  * add getBrokenReferences() to xorgparser.Parser()
  * move getPosition() and isSection() to xorgparser since they are now required
    by getBrokenReferences(). Move the relevant tests to 0-test.py
  * remove all the arguments from xutils.XUtils.checkNFixSection()
  * make checkNFixSection() rely on getBrokenReferences()
  * Parser.__process() will now check the following additional cases:
    - if duplicate sections are found
    - if broken references are found
    - if there are sections which don't have an identifier but should
      have one (except for completely empty sections, which are ignored
      and don't appear in globaldict)
  * clean up Parser.getIds()
  * remove sys.exit from Parser.getReferences()
  * disable checkDuplicateOptions by default
  * move getIdentifier and isSection to xorgparser
  * move all the validator methods to __complianceRules()
  * add getBrokenReferences() to xorgparser
  * add validateOptions to the default checks
  * improve getDefaultServerLayout() in xorgparser so that if one default ServerLayout
    is set, its existence will be checked
  * make sure that each ServerLayout has at least 1 reference to a Screen section
  * print something useful for debugging when raising ParseException
  * update the README with a note on case-sensitive section names

  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * debian/rules: Remove some cruft.
  * debian/control: Rename package x-kit to python-xkit for conforming to
    Python package naming policy. Also fix section to be 'python'.
  * debian/rules: Run the test suite during build and clean up the spewage.
  * Add debian/python-xkit.examples: Ship examples/ directory.
  * debian/control: Add Vcs-Bzr:.

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