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Y PPA Manager released

Written for Y PPA Manager by Alin Andrei on 2013-10-21

For information about the latest release, please see the post @ WebUpd8:

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Y PPA Manager 0.9.9: Linux Mint 15 and Ubuntu 13.10 Support

Written for Y PPA Manager by Alin Andrei on 2013-06-04

Y PPA Manager 0.9.9 has been released with support for Linux Mint 15 Olivia as well as the latest Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander (currently under development).

More info:

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Y PPA Manager released with many improvements

Written for Y PPA Manager by Alin Andrei on 2012-10-11

Y PPA Manager changelog:
- fixed a bug with search results dialog and apt-get
- implement transient notifications for GNOME Shell
- fix issue with PPA Restore function not working with spaces
- fixed bugs occuring for PPAs with "." or "+" characters in their names
- update-ppa: add support for updating PPAs having older release names
- update-ppa: fix bug with update-ppa not working on Linux Mint
- update-ppa: support for more repository formats (experimental). Examples: update-ppa or update-ppa quantal main
- update-ppa: Support specifying custom codename and section for a ppa. Example: update-ppa ppa:user/repository quantal main
- update-ppa: Download compressed .gz files instead of normal files
- update-ppa: Support force update lists without adding the repository
- merge "PPA Remove", "List Packages" and "PPA Purge" into a new Manage PPAs dialog
- Manage PPAs: initial support for Launchpad PPAs (only Launchpad!) from /etc/apt/sources.list (experimental). Note: the duplicate PPAs removal, "Re-enable working PPAs after Ubuntu upgrade" and "Update release name in working PPAs" features don't yet support this.
- Manage PPAs: option to view/edit the .list source file
- Manage PPAs: option to update a single PPA
- list PPAs: display the packages for the Ubuntu version available in the .list file, not from the Ubuntu version the user is currently running (it might be different - e.g.: a package is not available in PPA X for Ubuntu Quantal, so an user running Ubuntu Quantal modifies the PPA source file to Ubuntu Precise)
- Manage PPAs: display the actual PPA name (e.g.: ppa:webupd8team/gthumb) in this dialog, instead of the PPA .list file name
- use policykit (pkexec) instead of gksu / kdesu for Ubuntu versions newer than 11.04 (11.04 not included)
- should handle errors better

As usual, check out the official release announcement I've posted on WebUpd8:

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Y PPA Manager released

Written for Y PPA Manager by Alin Andrei on 2012-08-09

Changes in Y PPA Manager

- new "Install packages" item in the main UI that lets you quickly install packages (if you already know the package names). Separate multiple packages with a space. This python script was contributed by Lorenzo from (thank you!)
- when you search for packages in Launchpad PPAs, you can select to install some packages directly from the search results dialog (from the search results dialog, select a PPA and click "List packages", then select some package(s) and click "Install") - if the PPA isn't already added on your system, it will be added and then the selected package(s) will be installed using the new "Install packages" python script mentioned above, that comes with a GUI, so the user can see if any errors occur. This makes it easier and a lot faster to find the package you're looking for, add the PPA and install the package (for an even faster experience, the PPA source is updated using "update-ppa", a feature added in Y PPA Manager
- a new "PPA status" column in the basic search and advanced search results dialog that lets you know if the PPA is already added on your system or not. Feature inspired by PPASC
- Search results dialog: when searching for a package (in deep search only), Y PPA Manager displays its version if it's installed, or it lets you know that the package is not installed.
- "Remove duplicate PPA sources": display which PPA sources are duplicates and also, display which PPA sources are about to be removed
- Other minor changes and fixes, like for instance setting a proper name for the indicator when using HUD

As usual, for more info, installation instructions and a video with Y PPA Manager in action, see the release announcement on WebUpd8:

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Y PPA Manager

Written for Y PPA Manager by Alin Andrei on 2012-07-04

Y PPA Manager is a tool for easily searching for packages in Ubuntu PPAs as well as perform various PPA actions: add, remove, purge, backup PPAs and more. The application integrates with Unity by using quicklists and an optional appindicator.

Y PPA Manager changelog:
- added "update-ppa" which can update a single PPA source and not all software sources, useful for those with limited internet connectivity. Usage example: sudo update-ppa ppa:webupd8team/y-ppa-manager (thanks Satya)
- when adding a PPA, the new "update-ppa" is used automatically so only that PPA source is updated, not all software sources
- added man pages (thanks Satya)
- automatically support newer Ubuntu versions (so this means the new version works on Ubuntu Quantal now)
- fixed a bug that was occuring on Linux Mint 13, causing the default version to be set as blank
- Scan for duplicate sources files now displays the number of duplicates found
- the PPA backup feature now backs up / restores repositories keys too (launchpad-getkeys was and is still used to automatically fetch missing keys)
- other minor fixes

More info and screenshots @ WebUpd8:

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