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download icon screenshot_tracks_small.png (md5) screenshot_tracks_small 64
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download icon Yarock_1.1.2_source.tar.gz (md5) Yarock_1.1.2_source 871
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Release notes 

yarock 1.1.2 with new audio back-end based on mpv, qt5 support and various minors fixes.


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  - New : add alternate mpv audio engine (mplayer based)
  - New : add plugin system for audio back-ends, in order to load at run time desire audio engine (vlc, mpv, phonon)
  - New : add "search and play" option for quick playing tracks according to your search result
  - New : add add equalizer support for vlc audio engine (vlclib > 2.2)
  - New : add popup on player seek bar
  - BugFix : vlc audio engine -> fix volume management
  - BugFix : vlc audio engine -> fix backwards seeking
  - BugFix : fix minor issue when dragging tracks to the bottom of playqueue
  - BugFix : fix crash when playing stream added to user playlist
  - Change : dirble radio use api v2
  - Change : improve media key support
  - Change : improve Qt5 building support
  - Change : improve Qt5 third party source building
  - Change : various user interface fix and changes
  - Change : filesystem view, add sorting of files when dragging directory to playqueue
  - Change : no collection update if directory is not available (remote collection)

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887500 #887500 shorcut media key bug 5 Low SebastienAmar  10 Fix Released
927548 #927548 No gapless playback 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
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