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z3c.dav contains a number of component that help Zope3 developers integrate WebDAV into their application. A number of add-on packages in the z3c.davapp namespace build on z3c.dav to expose other standard Zope3 components to the WebDAV protocol. These packages can be used as examples of how to expose other content types / services to the protocol that are either custom to your application or which support hasn't been provided for yet.

Current add on packages include:
* z3c.davapp.zopelocking uses the zope.locking package to provide locking support for Zope3.

* z3c.davapp.zopefile provides WebDAV support for the zope.file content types.

* z3c.davapp.zopeappfile supports content types.

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Michael Kerrin
Michael Kerrin
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