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Bug #1261686: zc.recipe.egg:custom traps on environment variables with embedded % signs Undecided New 231 weeks

From: Gottfried Ganßauge
Link: egg.patch

Patch to implement the preferred behaviour

Bug #1210996: handling setuptools.egg-link in bootstrapping Undecided New 249 weeks

From: Guy Rozendorn
Link: 1210996.patch


Bug #257555: setup_requires bypasses buildout Undecided New 324 weeks

From: bbinet
Link: patch_257555.diff


Bug #605017: extending sections using <= fails transitively Undecided New 326 weeks

From: Vincent Pelletier
Link: 0001-Allow-extending-more-than-once-sections-extending-ot.patch

Allow extending more than once sections extending other sections.

Bug #144228: Support for removing of symlinks Undecided New 337 weeks

From: Petri Savolainen
Link: buildout-fix.patch


Bug #583752: extra_requires of recipes not always installed Undecided New 340 weeks

From: Richard Mitchell
Link: zc.buildout.recipe-extras.patch

Better patch which actually checks the makeup of extras

Bug #328707: 'download-cache' option should create a path if necessary Low Confirmed 363 weeks

From: Guy Rozendorn
Link: create_cachedir.patch


Bug #449262: buildout does not honour platform for python executable Undecided New 365 weeks

From: Guy Rozendorn
Link: _get_platform.patch


Bug #787718: buidlout fails to run when using develop = . on windows Undecided New 365 weeks

From: Guy Rozendorn
Link: easy_install_safe_arg.patch


Bug #771811: buildout fails to when the value of the buildout:executable is with POSIX-style path seperator Undecided New 365 weeks

From: Guy Rozendorn
Link: os_path.patch


Bug #717802: extends downloads multiple times from same url Undecided New 366 weeks

From: Rafael Monnerat
Link: buildout_bug717802.patch

Included code and test

Bug #767190: give access to current profile path and base path in section Undecided New 370 weeks

From: Łukasz Nowak
Link: implementation.with.a.test.patch

patch with implementation and test

Bug #766891: could allow to select different base for zc.buildout and setuptools Undecided New 370 weeks

From: Łukasz Nowak

patch implementing feature

Bug #692600: redownload badly cached files by download utility Undecided Confirmed 378 weeks
Bug #717730: extends from a URL does not respect "newest = false" Undecided New 379 weeks

From: Rafael Monnerat

Bug #664539: Buildout fails to escape $ Undecided Confirmed 396 weeks

From: attilaolah
Link: fix-escape.patch

A fix without tests.

Bug #525057: zc.buildout assertion fails in easy_install _get_version, assumes "Python" Undecided New 404 weeks

From: Mat Lehmann
Link: jython_compat.patch

make easy_install Jython compatible

Bug #410528: Gracefully handling missing dependencies in Undecided Fix Committed 413 weeks

From: Wichert Akkerman
Link: bootstrap-ubuntu-fix


Bug #180705: zc.buildout does not honour umask Undecided Confirmed 416 weeks

From: Frédéric Junod
Link: buildout_chmod.1.diff


Bug #561465: jython needs env on mac os as well as linux Undecided New 423 weeks

Link: macos-needs-env.patch

Use /usr/bin/env on Mac OS X as well as linux

Bug #559823: Option property values can be unicode, not just strings Undecided New 423 weeks

Link: unicode-option.patch

Allow unicode values for options

Bug #557769: support environment variables as part of option values Undecided New 424 weeks
Bug #542747: No offline capability for Undecided Confirmed 426 weeks

From: Saint Germain

Complete with offline capability

Bug #519208: AssertionError is not clear enough for Undecided New 432 weeks

From: NicDumZ
Link: buildout_cleanup.diff


Bug #519192: typo in bootstrap/ doc Undecided Fix Committed 432 weeks

From: NicDumZ
Link: buildout_upstream.diff


Bug #435837: Adding options (+=) fail with extended sections (macros) Undecided New 446 weeks

From: Kai Lautaportti
Link: bug-435837.patch


Bug #439387: testing.find_python() uses an invalid environment variable name Undecided New 446 weeks

From: Kai Lautaportti
Link: bug-439387.patch


Bug #449277: additional parameters for zc.recipe.egg:custom Undecided New 449 weeks

From: gweis
Link: build_ext_option_enhancement.diff


Bug #164629: Console scripts do not call sys.exit Undecided Fix Committed 453 weeks

From: kumar303
Link: zc.buildout_sys-exit.diff

generates easy_install scripts with exit status (like easy_install does)

Bug #418338: Option socket_timeout cannot be combined in the usual Unix way Undecided Confirmed 456 weeks

From: Florent
Link: buildout-lp418338.patch


Bug #406215: zc.recipe.egg does not validate executable option Undecided New 460 weeks

From: Sverre Johansen
Link: validate_python_executable.patch

Validates executable option

Bug #405236: zc.recipe.cmmi should support packages without the 'configure' step Undecided New 460 weeks

From: Florian Schulze
Link: zc.recipe.cmmi.patch

Adds 'no_configure' and 'install_target' options

Bug #393333: zc.recipe.cmmi can not handle whitespace in environment variable values Undecided New 464 weeks

From: gweis
Link: environ_section_trunk_r101308.patch

adds support for defining environment variables in separate section like in zc.recipe.egg

Bug #381230: newline in executable= causes assert failure on exec Undecided New 469 weeks

From: Jeff Rush
Link: zcbuildout_strip_executable.fix

Simple patch for the solution proposed.

Bug #121325: Buildout chokes on space in directory name Undecided New 479 weeks

From: Jason R. Coombs
Link: 20090319-zc.buildout-easy_install-with-subprocess.patch


Bug #303432: add if __name__ == "__main__" in script file to avoid some issue Medium Confirmed 494 weeks

From: KLEIN Stéphane
Link: zc.buildout.bootstrap.patch

bootstrap patch

Bug #261367: zc.recipe.cmmi untar fails on windows due to incorrect saving Undecided New 508 weeks

From: Dylan Jay
Link: cmmi.patch


Bug #149352: setup sub-command without any argument error Undecided Fix Committed 555 weeks

From: Baiju Muthukadan
Link: buildout-setup.diff

patch to fix setup command without argument

Bug #147747: zc.buildout.easy_install ignoring -v Undecided New 555 weeks

From: Ross Patterson
Link: zc.buildout.easy_install.diff

Fix debug logging conditional in zc.buildout.easy_install

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