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Zeitgeist 0.2 is out!

Written for Zeitgeist Framework by Siegfried Gevatter on 2009-07-15

With great joy and excitement, the Zeitgeist Team is proud to announce Zeitgeist 0.2 (codename: 'okidoki'), the first public release of the ultimate service for event logging (yes, there was no 0.1 announcement, we are too cool
for that).

Zeitgeist is an "Event Logging Framework" that provides cross application awareness of the desktop's activities.

You worked on a file, but you cannot remember where you saved it? You visited a web page about basketball three days ago, but you cannot find the URL in your browser's history? No problem, this is where Zeitgeist enters the scene. It knows a lot about your activities and has a feature rich D-Bus API which allows GUI applications like gnome-zeitgeist [0], zeitgeistfs [1] and others to present you your activities in a readable way.

Highlights of the 0.2 release:

    * SQLite backend for central information storage.
    * D-Bus API with support for storing and retrieving the data (with lots of filtering options!).
    * Support for logging items and events from GtkRecentManager,
      Firefox, Tomboy, Evolution and Twitter. Plus plugins for Epiphany and Bazaar!

All this has been possible thanks to (in alphabetical order):
  Markus Korn (The New Guy)
  Mikkel Kamstrup (Mr. Ontology)
  Natan Yellin (The Wizzard)
  Seif Lotfy (General Spanker)
  Siegfried-Angel Gevatter (Crazy Hacker)

Installing Zeitgeist 0.2

You can download the tarball from
And then to install Zeitgeist, just run:
   $ make
   # make install
If you are using Ubuntu it’s recommended that you install the packages from our PPA [2] instead. Finally, you can start the daemon, like this:
   $ zeitgeist-daemon


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