Zeitgeist Framework 0.5.2 "Snowball Effect"

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Zeitgeist Framework
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Snowball Effect
Siegfried Gevatter
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3 Markus Korn, 1 Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen, 1 Seif Lotfy, 1 Siegfried Gevatter
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Release notes 

2010-09-26: Zeitgeist 0.5.2 "Snowball Effect"


 - Extensions and the database connection are now shutdown gracefully when
   the Zeitgeist daemon is asked to stop over D-Bus.
 - Receiving a SIGHUP indicates a request for a clean shutdown; this
   can be used to signal a system-wide restart request after an update.
 - Fixed a bug in TableLookup because of which the internal cache wasn't
   being used.
 - Added a new option, activated by the ZEITGEIST_DEBUG_QUERY_PLANS, which
   prints detailed information about each query being executed.
 - Removed superfluous database commits; now they are called after all
   InsertEvent actions have been completed, not once for every event.
 - Speed up the initial query retrieving the last event ID by fixing it to
   make use of the database's indexes.
 - Catch any exceptions trying to notify a monitor of changes and redirect
   them to the error log.
 - Fixed LeastRecentActor sorting not working in combination with event
   template filtering (LP: #641968).
 - Renamed the LeastRecentActor sorting type to OldestActor and implemented
   a new LeastRecentActor which does what it was supposed to do (LP: #646124).


 - Added a workaround so that events concerning OpenOffice.org are logged
   correctly (LP: #646724).


 - Fix an error in the ontology; it's "rdf:Property", not "rdfs:Property".
 - Improved documentation; particularly, the ontology is now presented
   in a separate section with a more readable format.
 - Translation updates (Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan and Indonesian).


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
641968 #641968 Querying on LeastRecentActor with event templates doesn't work 3 High Siegfried Gevatter  10 Fix Released
640495 #640495 Errors in the Zeitgeist ontology 4 Medium Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen  10 Fix Released
646124 #646124 Wrong understanding of the LeastRecentActors 5 Low Seif Lotfy  10 Fix Released
634055 #634055 documentation of our ontology is hardly readable 6 Wishlist Markus Korn  10 Fix Released
628678 #628678 Add bugtriaging guidlines to HACKING 1 Undecided Markus Korn  10 Fix Released
641100 #641100 ZeitgeistEngine.__init__(): statement to get last row id is not using the index 1 Undecided Markus Korn  10 Fix Released
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