Zeitgeist Framework 0.9.9 "Pinch Me"

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Zeitgeist Framework
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Pinch Me
Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा)
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Release notes 

2013-03-12: Zeitgeist 1.0 Beta 1 "Pinch Me"

This version introduces libzeitgeist2, a Vala port of the previously
independent libzeitgeist library. Now everything you need to work with
Zeitgeist, be it with C, Vala or Python, is included in this tarball.

Please note that starting from this release Vala 0.18 is required to
build Zeitgeist.

 - Fixed insertion of large event sets.
 - Fixed database migration to WebDataObject (from some RemoteDataObjects).
 - Events missing required meta-data are now rejected.

 - Fixed to respect ZEITGEIST_DATA_PATH.

Python API:
 - RelevantResultType is now included in "from datamodel import *".

If you were using the external libzeitgeist, you need to be aware that
libzeitgeist2 has some API differences:
 - For Vala developers: getters/setters replaced with properties, etc.
 - For C developers: the use of floating references has been removed.
 - Redesigned ResultSet (removed peek() and seek(); introduced reset();
   renamed next() to next_value()).
 - Changed the return type of zeitgeist_log_get_events to GPtrArray;
   now it works correctly when requesting non-existant events.
 - Added an actor parameter to the event_new_full constructor.
 - Added a zeitgeist_subject_new_move_event constructor.
 - Added a GError parameter to several functions involving variants.
 - Renamed insert_events_from_ptrarray* to insert_events*.
 - Renamed timestamp_for_now to timestamp_now.
 - Renamed data_source_is_enabled to data_source_get_enabled.
 - Renamed the "connected" property to "is-connected".
 - Introduced the missing ZeitgeistRelevantResultType enum.
 - Introduced get_data_source_from_id.
 - Introduced zeitgeist_{event,subject}_matches_template.
 - Introduced zeitgeist_event_take_subject.
 - Introduced zeitgeist_time_range_intersect.
 - Introduced insert_event and insert_event_no_reply.
 - Removed insert_events (variadic version) and insert_events_valist.
 - Removed event_new_full_valist and events_from_valist.
 - Removed time_range_get_{start,end}_iso8601.

Special Thanks to the hard work of Rico Tzschichholz and Paolo Borelli
for their contribution in this major release


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