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ZFN (the Zero-Configuration File Network) aims to be a standards-compliant, distributed network system, targeted at home users and small businesses. ZFN requires little to no initial set-up once installed, and can share files between computers of any operating system.

If you want to help the ZFN project, sign up for a Launchpad account and email Ross Light at ross at zombiezen dot com. Help is always welcome in any way. Experienced packagers are needed for all operating systems.

Blog: http://zfilenet.blogspot.com/

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ZFN Developers
ZFN Developers

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  • ZFN 0.3.0a1 Released on 2009-02-12
    ZFN 0.3.0a1 is the first alpha release of the 0.3 series. The 0.3 series is d...
  • ZFN 0.1.4 Released on 2008-12-06
    ZFN 0.1.4 is the third bug-fix release for the ZFN 0.1 series. This release a...
  • ZFN 0.2.1 Released on 2008-11-09
    ZFN 0.2.1, "Autumn Wind", is the second public release of the 0.2 series, fix...
  • ZFN 0.1.3 Released on 2008-10-06
    ZFN 0.1.3, "Anderson", is the third bug-fix release for the ZFN 0.1 series. T...
  • ZFN 0.2.0 Released on 2008-09-04
    ZFN 0.2.0, code-named "Double Day", is the first public release in the 0.2 se...