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Jaap Karssenberg
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This release add support for version control with Mercurial and Git as backend in addition to the previous Bazaar support. Also the attachment browser now supports drag & drop, and notebooks now can have a notebook specific configuration "profile". A new plugin was added to handle "ditaa" diagrams. A critical bug was fixed that prevented opening email addresses without a "mailto:" prefix. Fixed bug where context menu for page index applied to the current page, and made sidepane and tagcloud remember state. A Serbian translation was added.


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=== 0.56 - Mon 2 Apr 2012 ===
* Merged support for Git and Mercurial version control backends -
  Damien Accorsi & John Drinkwater
* Merged plugin for "ditaa" diagrams - YPWang
* Merged patch for different configuration profiles, allowing per
  notebook configuration of plugins, font etc. - Mariano Draghi
* Added drag & drop support for the Attachment Browser plugin
* Made sidepane and tagcloud remember state
* Fixed critical bug for opening email adresses without "mailto:" prefix
* Fixed bug where context menu for page index applied to the current page
  instead of the selected page
* Added a Serbian translation

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