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Ryan Beisner's teams

“Big Data Charmers” team
“Canonical Charmers Lead” team
“Canonical content creators” team
“Canonical Field Critical” team
“Canonical Field High” team
“Canonical Field Medium” team
“Canonical Onlineservices charmers” team
“CE Hyperscale” team
“Charm CI/CD team” team
“Charm Helper Maintainers” team
“Charm Toolers” team
“charmers” team
“CPE Team” team
“CPLANE Charm” team
“Demo Charms” team
“Elasticsearch Charmers” team
“Ganglia Charmers” team
“Graylog Charmers” team
“haproxy-team” team
“IBM Charms” team
“IBM Demo Team” team
“insights.u.c authors” team
“IRC Charmers” team
“juju Charm Contributors” team
“Juju Demo” team
“Juju GUI Charmers” team
“Juju Website Team” team
“Landscape Charmers” team
“memcached team” team
“MicroStackers” team
“midonet-charmers” team
“MySQL Charm Maintainers” team
“Nexenta Charmers” team
“NRPE charm developers” team
“Nuage Charmers” team
“OpenStack Charm CI Watchers” team
“Openstack Charm Testers” team
“OpenStack Charm Testing Maintainers” team
“OpenStack Charmers - Testing Charms” team
“OpenStack Charmers: Charm Archive” team
“Openstack Charmers Layers” team
“OpenStack Charmers” team
“Openstack Tailgate” team
“Openstack Ubuntu Testers” team
“OpenStack Ubuntu Testing Notifications” team
“openstack-charm-sync” team
“Quobyte Inc.” team
“Squid Reverse Proxy Charmers” team
“The Aberdeen team” team
“The Marcola team” team
“The Tay team” team
“Ubuntu App Developer site editors” team
“Ubuntu Cloud Archive - Bug Supervisors” team
“Ubuntu Cloud Archive Team” team
“Ubuntu on IBM Power Systems Bug Triage” team
“Ubuntu OpenStack CI Team” team
“Ubuntu Reports Dev Team” team
“Ubuntu Server” team
“Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance” team
“Vault charmers” team