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Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
pyotherside Ubuntu Vivid 1.4.0~git20150111-0ubuntu1 2015-02-18 None
freetype Ubuntu Trusty 2.5.2-1ubuntu2.3 2015-02-10 None
freetype Ubuntu Vivid 2.5.2-2ubuntu2 2015-02-03 None
libcanberra Ubuntu Vivid 0.30-2ubuntu2 2014-12-12 None
vdpau-video Ubuntu Trusty 0.7.3-2ubuntu1.2 2014-06-30 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Utopic 3.9.90-0ubuntu13 2014-06-04 None
vdpau-video Ubuntu Utopic 0.7.3-2ubuntu2 2014-05-07 ppc64el powerpc i386 armhf arm64 amd64
nautilus Ubuntu Trusty 1:3.10.1-0ubuntu7 2014-02-28 None
libwnck Ubuntu Saucy 1:2.30.7-0ubuntu3 2013-09-30 None
libwnck3 Ubuntu Saucy 3.4.7-0ubuntu2 2013-09-30 None

PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
xserver-xorg-video-vmware Unity Tests - Ubuntu Wily 1:13.1.0-0ubuntu1build2 2015-06-05 None
bamf Unity Tests - Ubuntu Vivid 0.5.2~bzr1 2015-04-26 None
unity8 Unity Tests - Ubuntu Vivid 8.02+15.04.20150326~3v1ubuntu0 2015-03-26 None
qmllive Unity Tests - Ubuntu Utopic 0.1 2015-03-17 None
qtav Unity Tests - Ubuntu Utopic 1.5.0-1u20 2015-03-16 None
qtav Unity Tests - Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.0-1u17 2015-03-16 None
pyotherside Landing PPA 025 - Ubuntu Vivid 1.4.0~git20150111-0ubuntu1~test2 2015-02-18 None
pyotherside Landing PPA 011 - Ubuntu Vivid 1.4.0~git20150111-0ubuntu1~test1 2015-02-18 None
unity Unity Tests - Ubuntu Trusty 7.2.3+14.04.20140826-0ubuntu1.0.1 2014-09-29 None
gnome-screensaver Landing PPA 008 - Ubuntu Trusty 3.6.1-0ubuntu10 2014-03-10 None