Synchronised packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
unity Ubuntu Focal 7.5.1+20.04.20211026.1-0ubuntu1 Not yet built
unity Ubuntu Impish 7.5.1+21.10.20211026-0ubuntu1 None
unity Ubuntu Jammy 7.5.1+22.04.20211026.2-0ubuntu1 None
gcr Ubuntu Impish 3.40.0-3 None
pango1.0 Ubuntu Impish 1.48.7+ds1-2 None
bamf Ubuntu Impish 0.5.5+21.10.20210710-0ubuntu1 None
gobject-introspection Ubuntu Impish 1.68.0-1 None
gnome-shell-extension-appindicator Ubuntu Impish 40-1 None
wmforecast Ubuntu Impish 1.6-1~exp1 None
gnome-calendar Ubuntu Impish 40.2-1 None
gnome-applets Ubuntu Impish 3.41.1-1 None
gnome-clocks Ubuntu Impish 40.0-1 None
gnome-weather Ubuntu Impish 40.0-1 None
gnome-maps Ubuntu Impish 40.1-1 None
evolution-data-server Ubuntu Impish 3.40.1-3 None
baobab Ubuntu Impish 40.stable-1 None
glade Ubuntu Impish 3.38.2-4 None
gjs Ubuntu Impish 1.68.1-1 None
gnome-shell-extension-appindicator Ubuntu Hirsute 35-1 None
gjs Ubuntu Hirsute 1.67.2-2 None
pipewire Ubuntu Hirsute 0.3.22-1 None
gobject-introspection Ubuntu Groovy 1.66.1-1 None
gjs Ubuntu Groovy 1.66.1-1 None
libappindicator Ubuntu Bionic 12.10.1+18.04.20200408.1-0ubuntu1 None
gnome-shell-extension-appindicator Ubuntu Groovy 34-1 None
gnome-maps Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1 None
cheese Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1 None
evince Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1 None
file-roller Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1 None
eog Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1 None
baobab Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1 None
libhandy-1 Ubuntu Groovy 1.0.0-1 None
gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons Ubuntu Groovy 20.04.0+git20200908-1 None
mozjs68 Ubuntu Groovy 68.12.0-1 None
gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons Ubuntu Focal 20.04.0-1 None
libappindicator Ubuntu Focal 12.10.1+20.04.20200408.1-0ubuntu1 None
gjs Ubuntu Focal 1.64.1-1 None
unity Ubuntu Eoan 7.5.0+19.10.20190924-0ubuntu1 None
unity Ubuntu Xenial 7.4.5+16.04.20190312-0ubuntu1 None
unity Ubuntu Bionic 7.5.0+18.04.20190304-0ubuntu1 None
unity-scope-home Ubuntu Disco 6.8.2+19.04.20190412-0ubuntu1 None
unity-greeter Ubuntu Disco 18.04.0+19.04.20190410-0ubuntu1 None
unity Ubuntu Disco 7.5.0+19.04.20190304-0ubuntu1 None
unity Ubuntu Cosmic 7.5.0+18.10.20190304-0ubuntu1 None
gnome-shell-extension-appindicator Ubuntu Disco 23-1 None
ubuntu-themes Ubuntu Bionic 16.10+18.04.20181005-0ubuntu1 None
ubuntu-themes Ubuntu Cosmic 16.10+18.10.20181004.1-0ubuntu1 None
indicator-messages Ubuntu Cosmic 13.10.1+18.10.20180918-0ubuntu1 None
libdbusmenu Ubuntu Cosmic 16.04.1+18.10.20180917-0ubuntu1 None
compiz Ubuntu Cosmic 1: None
indicator-sound Ubuntu Bionic 12.10.2+18.04.20180420.3-0ubuntu1 None
ubuntu-themes Ubuntu Xenial 14.04+16.04.20180326-0ubuntu1 None
libindicator Ubuntu Bionic 16.10.0+18.04.20180321.1-0ubuntu1 None
compiz Ubuntu Bionic 1: None
compiz Ubuntu Xenial 1: None
libunity Ubuntu Xenial 7.1.4+16.04.20180209.1-0ubuntu1 None
bamf Ubuntu Xenial 0.5.3~bzr0+16.04.20180209-0ubuntu1 None
libunity Ubuntu Bionic 7.1.4+18.04.20180209.1-0ubuntu1 None
bamf Ubuntu Artful 0.5.3+17.10.20180208-0ubuntu1 None
bamf Ubuntu Bionic 0.5.3+18.04.20180207.2-0ubuntu1 None
ubuntu-themes Ubuntu Artful 16.10+17.10.20171115-0ubuntu1 None
indicator-printers Ubuntu Artful 0.1.7+17.10.20171021-0ubuntu1 None
unity Ubuntu Artful 7.5.0+17.10.20171010-0ubuntu1 None
unity-control-center Ubuntu Artful 15.04.0+17.10.20170718.1-0ubuntu1 None
compiz Ubuntu Artful 1: None
unity-settings-daemon Ubuntu Zesty 15.04.1+17.04.20170418-0ubuntu1 None
ido Ubuntu Trusty 13.10.0+14.04.20170403-0ubuntu1 None
unity Ubuntu Zesty 7.5.0+17.04.20170301-0ubuntu1 Not yet built
sni-qt Ubuntu Xenial 0.2.7+16.04.20170217.1-0ubuntu1 None
appmenu-qt5 Ubuntu Xenial 0.3.0+16.04.20170216-0ubuntu1 None
libappindicator Ubuntu Xenial 12.10.1+16.04.20170215-0ubuntu1 None
libappindicator Ubuntu Zesty 12.10.1+17.04.20170215-0ubuntu1 None
nux Ubuntu Zesty 4.0.8+17.04.20170213-0ubuntu1 None
sni-qt Ubuntu Zesty 0.2.7+17.04.20170112-0ubuntu1 None
appmenu-qt5 Ubuntu Zesty 0.3.0+17.04.20170112-0ubuntu1 None
175 of 87 results