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nvidia-cuda-toolkit (4.0.17-1ppa1) maverick; urgency=low

  * New upstream release: 4.0 Final Release
  * Thrust is now installed into /usr/lib/nvidia-cuda-toolkit/include
    - workaround for nvcc treating -isystem headers differently than -I
      headers. Should be transparent for most as this path is already
      specified in /etc/nvcc.profile.
    - gpucomputingsdk now builds correctly with:
      make CUDA_INSTALL_PATH=/usr
  * Cobbled together a basic manpage for nvcc(1).
    - Mostly taken from 'nvcc --help'
    - Working on pages for ptxas and other secondary utilities for next upload
 -- Aaron Haviland <email address hidden>   Thu, 26 May 2011 11:21:27 -0400

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