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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
conjure-up Ubuntu Yakkety 2.0.1 2016-10-06 None
juju-core-1 Ubuntu Yakkety 1.25.6-0ubuntu2.16.10.1 2016-08-16 None
conjure-up Ubuntu Xenial 0.1.2 2016-05-27 None
juju-core Ubuntu Yakkety 2.0~beta6-0ubuntu1.16.10.1 2016-04-26 None
openstack Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.6 2016-04-20 None
bigdata Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.2 2016-04-20 None
conjure Ubuntu Xenial 0.0.8 2016-04-14 None
openstack Ubuntu Wily 0.99.23 2015-10-15 None
yuyo-gtk-theme Ubuntu Vivid 0.2ubuntu1 2015-02-13 None
ubuntu-mate-meta Ubuntu Vivid 1.120ubuntu1 2015-02-13 ppc64el arm64
ubuntu-mate-settings Ubuntu Vivid 0.4.2ubuntu1 2015-02-13 None
ubuntu-mate-artwork Ubuntu Vivid 0.4.2ubuntu1 2015-02-13 None
python-netaddr Ubuntu Trusty 0.7.10-1ubuntu1.1 2015-02-12 None
cloud-installer Ubuntu Utopic 0.17+bzr487-0ubuntu1 2014-05-29 None
cloud-installer Ubuntu Trusty 0.14+bzr301-0ubuntu1 2014-04-17 None
keepalived Ubuntu Raring 1:1.2.2-3ubuntu2.13.04.1 2013-10-03 None
keepalived Ubuntu Quantal 1:1.2.2-3ubuntu2.12.10.1 2013-10-03 None
keepalived Ubuntu Precise 1:1.2.2-3ubuntu1.1 2013-10-03 None
puppet Ubuntu Precise 2.7.11-1ubuntu2.5 2013-10-02 None
keepalived Ubuntu Saucy 1:1.2.7-1ubuntu1 2013-08-14 None
mysql-5.5 Ubuntu Saucy 5.5.32-0ubuntu2 2013-08-05 None
mysql-5.5 Ubuntu Raring 5.5.32-0ubuntu0.13.04.2 2013-08-05 None
mysql-5.5 Ubuntu Quantal 5.5.32-0ubuntu0.12.10.2 2013-08-05 None
gnutls26 Ubuntu Quantal 2.12.14-5ubuntu4.4 2013-08-05 None
gnutls26 Ubuntu Precise 2.12.14-5ubuntu3.5 2013-08-05 None
maas Ubuntu Saucy 1.4+bzr1539+dfsg-0ubuntu2 2013-07-31 None
gnome-keyring Ubuntu Precise 3.2.2-2ubuntu4.2 2013-05-17 None
apt-cacher-ng Ubuntu Quantal 0.7.11-1~ubuntu12.10.1 2013-05-16 None
apt-cacher-ng Ubuntu Precise 0.7.11-1~ubuntu12.04.1 2013-05-16 None
rsyslog Ubuntu Quantal 5.8.6-1ubuntu9.2 2013-04-22 None
rsyslog Ubuntu Precise 5.8.6-1ubuntu8.2 2013-04-22 None
rsyslog Ubuntu Raring 5.8.11-2ubuntu2 2013-04-18 None
python-gnutls Ubuntu Raring 1.2.4-1ubuntu1 2013-04-10 None
python-gnutls Ubuntu Quantal 1.2.4-1ubuntu0.1 2013-04-10 None
python-gnutls Ubuntu Precise 1.2.0-2.1ubuntu0.1 2013-04-10 None
appmenu-gtk Ubuntu Precise 0.3.92-0ubuntu1.1 2012-11-28 None
portmap Ubuntu Lucid 6.0.0-1ubuntu2.3 2012-11-27 None
busybox Ubuntu Precise 1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4.1 2012-11-16 None
busybox Ubuntu Quantal 1:1.19.3-7ubuntu1.1 2012-11-16 None
busybox Ubuntu Raring 1:1.20.0-7ubuntu3 2012-11-16 None
appmenu-gtk Ubuntu Quantal 12.10.2-0ubuntu1.2 2012-11-12 None
appmenu-gtk Ubuntu Raring 12.10.2-0ubuntu2 2012-11-10 None
libgcrypt11 Ubuntu Raring 1.5.0-3ubuntu2.1 2012-11-09 None
gdb Ubuntu Precise 7.4-2012.04-0ubuntu2.1 2012-11-07 None
debootstrap Ubuntu Precise 1.0.39ubuntu0.2 2012-11-05 None
lsb Ubuntu Lucid 4.0-0ubuntu8.1 2012-10-10 None
lsb Ubuntu Precise 4.0-0ubuntu20.1 2012-10-10 None
gdb Ubuntu Quantal 7.5-0ubuntu2 2012-10-08 None
nfs-utils Ubuntu Precise 1:1.2.5-3ubuntu3.1 2012-09-28 None
libgnomecanvas Ubuntu Precise 2.30.3-1ubuntu1.1 2012-09-28 None
libgnome Ubuntu Precise 2.32.1-2ubuntu1.1 2012-09-28 None
libgnomecanvas Ubuntu Quantal 2.30.3-1ubuntu2 2012-09-28 None
libgnome Ubuntu Quantal 2.32.1-2ubuntu2 2012-09-05 None
lsb Ubuntu Quantal 4.0-0ubuntu23 2012-08-15 None
libart-lgpl Ubuntu Precise 2.3.21-1ubuntu0.1 2012-08-10 None
gnome-vfs Ubuntu Precise 1:2.24.4-1ubuntu2.1 2012-08-10 None
gnome-vfs Ubuntu Quantal 1:2.24.4-1ubuntu3 2012-08-10 None
libbonobo Ubuntu Precise 2.32.1-0ubuntu1.1 2012-07-27 None
libbonobo Ubuntu Quantal 2.32.1-0ubuntu2 2012-07-17 None
dbus-test-runner Ubuntu Quantal 12.10.0-0ubuntu2 2012-07-12 None
isc-dhcp Ubuntu Oneiric 4.1.1-P1-17ubuntu10.2 2012-05-31 None
libgcrypt11 Ubuntu Lucid 1.4.4-5ubuntu2.1 2012-05-24 sparc
libgcrypt11 Ubuntu Natty 1.4.6-4ubuntu2.1 2012-05-17 None
libgcrypt11 Ubuntu Oneiric 1.5.0-1ubuntu0.1 2012-05-17 None
libgcrypt11 Ubuntu Precise 1.5.0-3ubuntu0.1 2012-05-16 None
libgcrypt11 Ubuntu Quantal 1.5.0-3ubuntu1 2012-05-16 None
cron Ubuntu Lucid 3.0pl1-106ubuntu6 2012-02-24 None
insserv Ubuntu Precise 1.14.0-2.1ubuntu1 2012-02-16 None
168 of 68 results