PPA packages

151225 of 263 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ruby-defaults test - Ubuntu Lucid 4.5~lucid1~ppa1 None
readline5 test - Ubuntu Lucid 5.2-7build1~lucid1~ppa1 None
ruby-shoulda-context test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.0~beta1-1~lucid1~ppa2 None
rubygems test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.7.2-1~lucid1~ppa2 None
gem2deb test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.2.6~lucid1~ppa2 None
libvirt test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.9.13-0ubuntu10~lucid1 None
xen4.2 test - Ubuntu Lucid 4.2.0-1~lucid1~ppa1 None
syslog-ng test - Ubuntu Lucid 3.3.4.dfsg-2ubuntu1~lucid1 None
php-mail-mime test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.8.0-2~lucid1 None
php-net-smtp test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.6.0-1~lucid1 None
jqueryui test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.8.ooops.18+dfsg-1~lucid1 None
jquery test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.7.1-1ubuntu1~lucid1 None
roundcube test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.7.1-2~lucid1 None
xen4.1 test - Ubuntu Precise 4.1.2-1~precise1~ppa3 None
libvirt test - Ubuntu Precise 0.9.8-2ubuntu17~precise1 None
xen4.1 test - Ubuntu Natty 4.1.2-1~precise1~ppa2 None
pcsxr test - Ubuntu Natty 2:1.9.92-1~svn20111231~natty2 None
nginx test - Ubuntu Oneiric 1.1.12-1~oneiric1 None
nginx test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.1.12-1~lucid1 None
nginx test - Ubuntu Maverick 1.1.12-1~maverick1 None
nginx test - Ubuntu Natty 1.1.12-1~natty1 None
ruby-defaults test - Ubuntu Maverick 4.8~maverick1 None
ruby-defaults test - Ubuntu Natty 4.8~natty1 None
seabios test - Ubuntu Natty 0.6.2-0ubuntu1~natty1 None
seabios test - Ubuntu Maverick 0.6.2-0ubuntu1~maverick1 None
vgabios test - Ubuntu Oneiric 0.6c-2ubuntu3~oneiric1 None
vgabios test - Ubuntu Natty 0.6c-2ubuntu3~natty1 None
vgabios test - Ubuntu Maverick 0.6c-2ubuntu3~maverick1 None
vgabios test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.6c-2ubuntu3~lucid1 None
qemu-kvm test - Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0+noroms-0ubuntu2~oneiric1 None
qemu-kvm test - Ubuntu Natty 1.0+noroms-0ubuntu2~natty1 None
qemu-kvm test - Ubuntu Maverick 1.0+noroms-0ubuntu2~maverick1 None
qemu-kvm test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0+noroms-0ubuntu2~lucid1 None
seabios test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.6.2-0ubuntu1~lucid1 None
memlockd test - Ubuntu Maverick 1.0~maverick1 None
ruby1.9.1 test - Ubuntu Maverick None
ruby1.9.1 test - Ubuntu Natty None
memlockd test - Ubuntu Natty 1.0~natty1 None
memlockd test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0~lucid1 None
samba test - Ubuntu Lucid 2:3.6.1-3ubuntu2~lucid1 None
libvirt PPA for agent 8131 - Ubuntu Lucid 0.9.8-2~lucid1~ppa1 None
nginx PPA for agent 8131 - Ubuntu Oneiric 1.1.8-1~oneiric1~ppa1 None
nginx PPA for agent 8131 - Ubuntu Maverick 1.1.8-1~maverick1~ppa1 None
nginx PPA for agent 8131 - Ubuntu Natty 1.1.8-1~natty1~ppa1 None
asterisk test - Ubuntu Lucid 1: None
debootstrap test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.37~lucid1~ppa1 None
xen4.1 test - Ubuntu Lucid 4.1.2-1~lucid1~ppa1 None
libpcap test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.1.1-2~lucid1~ppa1 None
151225 of 263 results