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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
phosh-osk-stub Debian Sid 0.33.0-1 None
pykerberos Ubuntu Noble 1.1.14-3.1build8 None
network-manager-iodine Debian Sid 1.2.0-3.3 None
libvirt-python Debian Sid 9.6.0-1 None
git-buildpackage Debian Sid 0.9.32 None
phosh-osk-stub Debian Experimental 0.30.0-1 None
osinfo-db Debian Sid 0.20230719-1 None
livi Debian Experimental 0.0.3-1 None
git-buildpackage Debian Experimental 0.9.31 None
phosh-tour Debian Experimental 0.28.0-1 None

PPA packages

9 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
wlroots Xubuntu testing - Ubuntu Mantic 0.16.2-3 None
phoc Juno Apps Unstable - Ubuntu Kinetic 0.21.0-1~exp1 None
phosh Juno Apps Unstable - Ubuntu Kinetic 0.20.0~beta3-1 None
libhandy-1 Lollypop - Ubuntu Focal 1.0.0-1 None
libvirt Linaro Staging Overlay PPA - Ubuntu Raring 1.1.3-1 None
git-buildpackage my-main - Ubuntu Precise 0.6.0~git20121124 None